Strange Behaviour Arena, YuChi Yang (2D)


Title: Strange Behaviour Arena
Name: YuChi Yang
Country: Taiwan
Software: Photoshop

One day,a ridiculously funny scene came into my mind,
“What a wonderful fighting if I am allowed to carry my cats ,we will be a cool team and win the prize!They are my secret weapons!”
I decided not just creating a human-liked wild animals festival,
but a team which combines human and animals’ force.
Of course ,in auditorium sit both haman and animals.


I’m sitting in the most boring class but damn, this really cheers me up. Now I try to resist smiling as teacher might get it wrong. Great work.

Thanks! :slight_smile:


very nice work, lovely.
i thought cat’s nails are biggest weapon cat has:)
wery nice work.


Very good painting; cat’s so cute:thumbsup:


:)Thank for all your comments:)


Dropping my 4* :slight_smile:

I love the animal audience. It is specially those betting squirrels that put a smile on my lips!




Thats strange behaviour alright. Nice work on the composition.


wow! mate,

you finaly post it on gallery man! I have to say how much I love this piece,
amzing dynamic! great color, and really funny story,
the brush work made a very good texture. well done!




You just HAVE to smile, seeing this! Especially if you have pets. You know they think like this…


HA HA Thanks mates

It really cheered me up:bounce:


Cat, go ahead! Perfect emotion and motion!!!


Dude~ Cool La~


finally cats beat dogs, go crazy cats!


This is great, lots of motion and life imbued within the piece, congrats!


I like the idea. And it looks really cool!!
Congrats! :slight_smile:


That’s just friggin’ awesome!


firstly … love this a lot! … ( me have four meows at home … love em to bits … they’ve become such a big part of my family … :love: )

secondly … a big congratulations on the expose 6 inclusion! woweeee! :bounce:

rock mate! :buttrock:


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