Strange Behavior (Short Film) Entry: Taino Soba


I created these shadow models for a shot I needed to add to the last seen. I use them to cast a human shadow on the ground.These models acted as perfect replacements since we were not able to do and pickups with the actors after the filming.


These are some photos of the two days of shooting. We shot at two locations on two different Sundays. One of are locations bailed on us in the last minute.


This is a sample of one of our main shots and how we did it.

We are all proud of the work we did. this is the first time making a movie for our small team. We hope everyone enjoys our efforts.


Software: After Effects

just testing color and upload

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Software: After Effects

just testing color and upload

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:wink: charcters in time… the time is 15:15 by now here


Software: After Effects

An adaptation of Paul Joseph Gulino’s “Art Gallery”

Taino Soba


We see framed images hanging in an array, neatly on the walls of a small art Gallery. Wooden floors and high ceiling make up the rest of the gallery. There are two benches that are also made of wood lined up in the middle of the room. The gallery is occupied by a young man who is seated on one of the benches; a large stark figure under a thick tattered coat, standing in front of one of the images hanging on the wall at the far end corner of the gallery; a couple making there rounds, critiquing every image they come across; and lastly the tired security guard who opened the gallery at seven in the morning and waiting for another security guard to relieve him.

The security guard gives a great big yawn, by his desk, before looking at his watch which reads 3:10pm.


He looks at the nearly empty gallery.

The other security guard walks in. he’s 10 minutes late.

Sorry I’m late; thanks for holding up.

Security guard takes off his hat and sits down by the front desk, while taking off his work shoes and putting on his sneakers.

Its ok, I just need to run home run get some errands done.

Yeh…Umm, Yo man, I have a favor to ask.

The security guard has already started to change his shoe to leave.


Well, I was walking by that big book store in front of the Subway.

Yeh, I know the one.

Anyway, this book I’m reading, well the author is actually doing book signing right now and the line isn’t long at all, it’ll take 10 minutes, top.

The late Guy slide a book across the security desk. It supernaturally slides through a coffee mug, into the security guard’s hand. The guard picks it up and looks at the book, “How to Center Yourself in a Self-Centered World”.

Man… Ok hurry up I want to get out of here, I’ve been here since we opened.

No problem man, thanks. I owe you big time. 10 minutes, promise

Ok, 10 minutes

The guy leaves to the book signing making his co-worker to wait another ten minutes.

Damn, it’s hot in here.

The security guard sits back in his seat, as a little girl with blond pigtail, pink skirt, and white blouse strolls into the gallery holding a helium filled red balloon.

She walks up to one of the images hanging on the wall.

The security guard gets up and trails behind her
She stands in front of the image with her red balloon. She doesn’t notice the security guard standing behind her.

The girl reaches out with her index finger to touch the image hanging on the wall.

No touching.

Startelled, the girl releases her balloon. The two of them look up at the balloon as it makes its way up to the gallery’s high ceiling.

The girl turns to the security guard with a chilly an indignant stare.

Oh, I’m sorry I’ll get the latter from the back and…
Balloon pops!

The remains of the balloon and ribbon it was tied too, drops on the floor between them.

The girl stares at the broken balloon, then at the security guard, with an even more disapproving look.

The security guard just rubs the back of his neck while looking at the wrinkled up remains of red rubber on the floor in a hapless awe.

The girl storms out of the gallery.

The couple walks pass him still ignoring him as hey continue criticizing the work on the wall.

The guard’s attention then shifts to the large man standing at the far side of the gallery, who is standing in front of one of the other images hanging on the wall.

The security guard walks across the gallery, toward the standing man.

The guard stands along side the man for a few seconds waiting for the man to acknowledge him, but the man continues to just stair into the painting.

The guard readjusts himself while making a grunting noise to make him self present to the man.

The man continues staring into the image with no change of expression on his face or movement of his body.

Excuse me… Excuse me sir, haven’t you been here since this morning?
The man doesn’t respond, holding his position.

Sir… do you hear me? Sir you been here all day at this corn looking at that same picture. One would think you were part of the exhibit. Are you ok?

Security guard looks at his watch.

I don’t have time for this. I’ll let the other guard deal with you.

Security guard walks away.

The man chuckles while not moving a muscle.

Part of the exhibit, that’s a good one, hee hee.

Security guard stops, and turns around.

Listen I don’t want any trouble I’m about done with my shift.

Your not leaving…you can’t leave, just like I’m not moving from this corner.

A look of anguish comes over the security the security guard, but quickly turns anxiety.

What are you talking about?

I’m talking about you shift, its never going to end. The story ends before that ever happens. It’s not your role to leave.
Listen I have no time for this.

Yes, you do.

The Man turns his face to the security guard revealing his left cheek, which is a mishmash of distorted pixels and polygons.
The security guard falls back, crashing to the ground in fright. His first instinct is to look around the gallery to see if anyone else is witnessing what’s going on. No one is.

Tell me mister security; what do you really think the difference between an atoms and pixels.
After all they’re both the building blocks of reality.

The security guard runs toward the exit, as the pictures hanging on the wall begin to come to life.
The security guard gets knocked to the ground. He looks up an finds a humongous red dragon that was in one of the pictures is standing over him.


(Out of frame)

Everything starts to rewind to the point when the late guy walked in and slides the book.

CAMERA - Pans out revealing a large futuristic type of projector and desktop. One of the windows opened on the desktop has the late guy sliding the book to the security guard.

The book, mug and desk turn into digital wire meshes.


A girl sits a computer in front of the projector manipulating the meshes, so that the book no longer slides through the mug.
A boy walks up behind the girl.

Are you ready to go?

The Girl saves her files, closes the windows on the desktop and shutdown the computer.

Yep, let’s go.

The two of them leave the room.


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Software: After Effects

320x270 version

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Very good job. That’s a very good short.
Good luck.


great work on that
good luck


nice piece, love the concept.
well done.


Software: After Effects

For our fist time anyof us doing anything like this I think we did a hell of a job. I’m very proud of the team and the film.


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Software: After Effects

This is the making video, hope you enjoy!!

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Great work guys! Fun movie and yes I liked the effects :slight_smile:
Good luck now!


What a great job you guys did to put this together, winning not one but three prizes! Congratluations on winning the Master prize!



Great work! Nicely done! You guys totally deserve it. I enjoyed your film.



Congratulation guys!
it was a great experience for all of us! even those that can’t finish it, just like me!

goodluck and cya, mim


Congrats! I was wishing that you win because I liked your story a lot, and voila! Really deserved.


Is reminiscent of a 1974 Will Vinton claymation short, Closed Mondays, where a man stumbles into a museum after hours, the paintings and sculptures come to life and he winds up becoming one of the permanent exhibits.

I think is a great first effort, and I hope to see you continue to develope more projects.


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