Strange Behavior (Short Film) Entry: Taino Soba


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ATOMS & PIXELS is an adaptation of Paul Joseph Gulino’s “Art Gallery”.

It is a surreal reflection of reality and life. The setting will take place in an art gallery, where a small cast of characters will help tell a twisted story of life and reality
all within four minutes =).

The majority of the film will be done in live-action with the assistance of 2D and 3D computer graphics.

, Taino Soba (Team Leader)


Gr8 story board

keep it up mate :slight_smile:


This is the color version of our storyboards There will be two main scene which will be lit very differently.


The Bow-Monitor is a futuristic monitor that has an arc on its screen in order to help project holographic images.


Icons which will be part of the computers operating system.


These are some models that will be used in the background.


Concept for gremlin characters.


Concept for Dragon character


We revised the story to make for a more impactful climax.


Software: After Effects

This is a Storyreel with dioluge.

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Software: After Effects

Storyboard with dioluge

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Since we had like no time to get this project done, we really had to cut corners and and be clever in order to get all the necessary assets needed for the story.

I modeled the dragon out quick just to flush out its basic shape, allowing most of the feel of the character to rest on the lighting sound and animation. no room for detail here.


textures, color, normal map, and specular


I created these shadow models for a shot I needed to add to the last seen. I use them to cast a human shadow on the ground.These models acted as perfect replacements since we were not able to do and pickups with the actors after the filming.


These are some photos of the two days of shooting. We shot at two locations on two different Sundays. One of are locations bailed on us in the last minute.


This is a sample of one of our main shots and how we did it.

We are all proud of the work we did. this is the first time making a movie for our small team. We hope everyone enjoys our efforts.


Software: After Effects

just testing color and upload

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Software: After Effects

just testing color and upload

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:wink: charcters in time… the time is 15:15 by now here