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Hi there people, just thought I’d say a few things about myself and this entry but first things first, good luck to all who are entering this competition, it’s a great opportunity for us to all learn and to develop ourselves.

I’m going to be the spokes person for the group I’m in, which currently stands at myself, Matt Jones(M477) and Terry Wu(Terywu). We’ve decided to modify the screenplay with the theme being that the gallery is exhibiting paintings based on the 7 deadly sins and that Amy is in charge of collecting potential victims to be assimilated into the paintings.

We’re hoping to use a combination of live action and cg to present our final film, currently we’re still in the process of finalising the story and hope to get this done by the end of the week, concept pieces, story boarding etc will follow in the weeks after.

We’re hoping to learn a lot from the community so any crits and comments are warmly welcome.


M477 - This is a concept I have sketched up in Photoshop for the Elephant Man. The idea behind this painting is that he will represent the deadly sin of Gluttony. I want him to be fat and ugly with food and drool on his suit to emphasise this. The painting is signed Gula which is the Latin for Gluttony.

I will work some more on this so any C&Cs are very welcome!


Nice idea and start guys.

Good luck.


Your concept is really good. i’m waiting for the story board. good luck.


Hi Steve, matt and Terry , :slight_smile:

You did a really interesting start guys! And a truly awesome feeling of darkness and scariness!
This is one of my favorites for sure, I’ll check here time by time for updates so plz show us what you’re doing! :wink:


Good luck guys and cya, mim :thumbsup:


Tomorrow we should have a version of our revised script up on this thread (would post it now but need to get it into the correct format and it’s a bit late), so instead will update with Matt’s ‘Gula’ painting.

Now a word from M477 -
“Away from the script preparation I have spent time working on the Gula painting. I have added in a lot of detail but there is more to add and adjust. So far I am happy with the way it is turning out but of course C&Cs are welcome as ever. Thanks, Matt”


Sonic X - Thanks :thumbsup:

fido972 - Script first, then storyboard later. Should be fun, hope you like them when they arrive!

mim-Armand - Hey thanks for stopping by, we appreciate the comments and hope you like what we post in the future :arteest:


Go gula go! I like the resolution of the costume into a business suit.Can’t wait to see the rest of the 7, especially socors and luxuria. Looks like you have an interesting challenge. Looking forward to the rest.


Thanks for the props bstout :). At the moment we’re only planning on painting 4 of the 7 sins for the challenge though we might do the others if the script requires it or time permits it :).


first full draft of script page 1


page 2


almost done

page 3/4


Final page.

sorry about the awkward format, will hopefully post the final script in a more user friendly manner.

c&c’s welcome, thanks. :slight_smile:


Good very good screenplay, i realy like it.
Keept going.:thumbsup:


by M477

I’ve added colour, but keeping it fairly desaturated. I’m going to move off of this for a while now as it is as good as finished and onto some storyboard concepts. It may be changed further down the line to fit in with any design changes that we may make, such as the addition of large chains to pull him down and maybe his expression will change or the lighting altered. Otherwise for now - meet Gula :slight_smile:


amazing work of art! I’m waiting to see more. This promises to be a great short film!


Uh wow… this is some big project you plan to do there… I wish both of you good luck and will follow this entry… as always matt :slight_smile:


This challenge is hard, trust me I know. But its fun and a lot to learn.
Keep posting, I’m subscribing now!


hdri - Hey, thanks for the kind words, I’m a real fan of your work :wise:

theuni - Good to see you over here, hopefully this will be my biggest and best accomplishment ever! And as we are working as a team we really don’t have any excuses not to finish! Thanks for visiting :thumbsup:

coolkonrad - Yeah I agree this is going to be very tough. I really hope that we can print our imagination onto film with this one! I personally have not made any live action stuff for several years so this is going to be quite a journey. :slight_smile: