Strange Behavior (Short Film) Entry: mohammed Armand


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Latest Update: Rough Storyboards or 3D pre-visualization: Easel (Removed!)


Hey there im looking to join a group …

im good in Maya Dynamics, Real Flow and Blastcode

have also worked on Character Animation

but my major would be Dynamics

Please reply me if u think i can be useful


Hey there im looking to join a group …

im good in Maya Dynamics, Real Flow and Blastcode

have also worked on Character Animation

but my major would be Dynamics

Please reply me if u think i can be useful


I just started! Ok! With a rough (really rough!) and speedy story board but it’s a start anyway! :wink:
About my adaption, I has 5-6 idea about that, I always writing my ideas with sketches and it is what I chose at first but then in middle of storyboarding I changed my decision to 2nd story cause of complexity of first one and time stress! That one will be uploaded soon also, I hust started that one now!
I will explain these soon too;

Mim, :smiley:


Tnx buddy, :slight_smile: But I’m on Max for this project, unfortunatly! :frowning:
Btw I thought this project needs to some sound designer and artists, mate painters or BG and texture artists, Animators or modeler, so if anyone intrested is wellcomed to join us :smiley:
future needs will be anounced too,

Tnx in advance, mim :thumbsup:


Hi again!
It’s first page of my second idea, and just start of that! Because most important part of this one is at END!
Plz wait till tomorrow, then hopefully I will explain it and upload some more pages too! :wink:
If you have any Idea I will be honored to hear! And let me say from first all helps and supports will be credited at End!:slight_smile:
It would be fun too if you like to guess what’s would happen next! So plz help me with your guesses and C&Cs! :smiley:

Tnx in advance, mim,:thumbsup:


Looking good thus far. Storyboards is one of things I’m wanting to get better at.


So far so good. Interesting style direction


i hope you still got time to finish your monkey too, I even had a dream about your monkey. Good luck with this challenge.


Kid-Mesh, thank you buddy, :slight_smile:
Henrik Vasquez, Tnank you too budd, glad you liked it sofar! :smiley:
Ties, tnk you buddy, unfortunatly I didn’t thought that I can finish that ontime! maybe a simple one but dunno! hope to have u till end, :wink:

Ok, it’s a simple gallery I did for my storyboard sketches I’ll upload a generall view of my story tommorow (I hope!) ;), It’s funny!! trust on me! :smiley:

Good day and tnx for all suports, mim, :slight_smile:

PS: sorry for misstypes! I typed it in hurry! :wink:


Interesting lineup of paintings. Will they remain abstract or not, we’ll find out. Right? I’ll check again for the story update.


Thank you buddy for your view :), I’ll upload story soon, and about paintings I didn’t decided about contents yet plz don’t hessitate if you have any suggestions; really happy to have you here, Tnx, :smiley:

GL, mim, :thumbsup:


This is another location from my short; I did it quickly and just for project workflow needs! :slight_smile:

C&C wellcomed, mim, :smiley:


And here my main characters concept,John & Amy in their 80s!

Gl, mim,


Very nice cartoony designs Mim. Your characters look promising so far. That quick traffic illustration actually adds interest to your version of the story.

For sure, I’ll make suggestions if I have any.


love the blurred vision in the characters POV shots of the art.
neither one can see, so beauty is truly in the eye of the beholder.

can’t wait to see more.


Great characters, andd concept!! :thumbsup:


Love the direction you are going in with this! I’ve been buried in the darkness and evil that my own short film exudes so it’s refreshing to watch someone with a completely different approach. The blurred pov of Amy and John is great and the characters are full of life too (despite being coffin dodgers!)


Thank you Henrik, I’ll be glad hear of you, :slight_smile:

Tnx bstout, I’ll show more after I was back from my lil trip! tnx for kind words, :slight_smile:

Tnads, tnx;

M477, Thank you matt, I really glad to have you here buddy, your work is one of my favorites and has a fresh concept too, I will check your thread progressively and hope have you here till end also, Good luck and cya, :wink:

Tnx for all supports, hope havin you all till end, cya soon, mim :thumbsup:


I’m going to a little trip till Saturday 7th then I’ll back and work with full power on it as I find any free time, so thought I can recoup the time progressively! I hope! Ok I promise to! Just wait!

And here is a quick 3D sketch of John I did some times ago!

Tnx for supports, mim, ‘’)