Strange Behavior (Short Film) Entry: Massoud Hosseinali


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Latest Update: Rough Storyboards or 3D pre-visualization: The art gallery: WIP



As you know my teammate was my cousin Mohsen Hosseinali with ID of MohseNHoseinali in here
Now we have a new teammate musician, Mahdi Mahmoudabadi :-thumb up

maybe we adapt the screenplay a little :wink:

and at last I must say Good luck to everybody who attended in this challenge specially my compatriot mim-armand

updates are coming :D-


That’s john by Mohsen Hosseinali


That’s Dragon by Mohsen Hosseinali


john’s model by myself :wink: - no material.


john’s model by me :wink: - no material.


I think there is a problem :wink:

My post applied here for 2 times and don’t add in the challenge page yet.

I don’t know why :-??


I’ve removed the two from the thread, please try adding it again. Please make sure to note anything unusual (eg. an error message) exactly, so I can try to find the exact cause of the problem. (Sometimes they’re hidden above the “CGSociety” header, and all you see is a big black rectangle - you can copy-and-paste the text from there).



by myself :wink:

Thanks mibus, the problem has been solved.


Sketch by MohseNHoseinali


amy model by myself :wink: not material.
feel free to drop ure ideas :stuck_out_tongue:


your character is good and i like that.

movafagh bashi. in male mane:


By mohsen hosseinali


By Mohsen Hosseinali


Really rough storyboard by Mohsen Hosseinali


By Mohsen Hoseinali


Model by Mohsen Hosseinali


Model by Mohsen Hosseinali


so you started finally!
really sorry for delay on chekin this one! you know I were really buSy! btw you’re commed one of the best ones here in this lil time I thought!
I can’t wait to see it finished!
really great style on character design n sketch-boarding, :slight_smile:
Just plz keep it up and don’t leave it anyway! believe me you have a great chance in this competition! if you say you can’t then I have to talk more with you both guys!! :deal:

really glad to see your works Masood & Mohsen!
hope to talk more soon, ah! and really apreciate for your kind words buddies! :slight_smile:

GL, mim, :thumbsup:


By myself :wink: