Strange Behavior (Short Film) Entry: Markcus Dunn


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The first step for me is to adapt/re-write the script. I want to make it darker while maintaining the overall plot.


Completed adaptation of the script–moving on to story boards.


Scene 1 of 6 in my adaptation of Art Gallery. A very straight-forward sequence that establishes the location and introduces the main characters. The real location and characters probably won’t look much like the boards but these are good enough to convey the idea.


shots 5 - 8


love the threatening intro. can’t wait to see where you take this and how your character models relate to your boards. as someone who can’t draw worth a damn i have to commit to stick figures for the boards. yours are way more interesting.


Scene2 | shots 1-4


Scene2 | shots 5-8


Scene2 | shots 9-12


Scene2 | shots 13-17


Scene2 | shots 18-22 - end of scene 2. Not all of the dialogue is in the boards.


Hey, nice concept! Good Luck!


Thanks. Same to you.


Flashback scene. It’s a short montage. It will make more sense when I edit the animatic.


Back to present time.


You made a very good work on the story, I like your new dialogue, the prév-visualization is will help a lot for the suite.

Excellent work. I’ll look forward to see your work.


Thanks. I’m posting the rest of the boards today, then I’m off to work on the animatic.


Scene4 | shots 1-6


Scene4 | shots 7 - 12


Last shot.