Strange Behavior (Short Film) Entry: LOWINSKI Eddy


LOWINSKI Eddy is entered in the “Strange Behavior Challenge” update: View Challenge Page

Latest Update: Finished Trailer: Final Short


This Schedule Is not definitive. there will be little gaps according to needs there it depends of the modeling time.

Our Team:
-Team Leader: fido972

Maybe after the period of research others team members will join us.

We are three French students.
Our first goal is not to win, but to use our knowledge, and to learn even more with this challenge as support.
it’s clear that win would not be negligible even if that utopian.

Good luck to everyone


Good luck guys, you seem to be going about this the right way by planning out your time carefully. I’ll look forward to see your work as it starts appearing



Hi everyone!!


[color=Orange]M477 [color=White]Thanks and good luck too you too.

We have a new team member:

[/color][/color]- romainboitier -

It will be the only member to have a task which will be exclusively reserved for him: the sound. He will participate at the others task too.

Our progress:

for the moment we look all individually, a script, character design and background design. Afterward we shall share to choose the best and so make a story board. By waiting for the choice we shall not post our progresses to don’t make you confused.

Good luck!


Look’s like you have the plan set! Me and some of my friends joined the EON challange, we also had a plan but the trick is to stick with it hehe. We kind of followed our but only when it was a litte bit to late :slight_smile:
Good luck



Good luck and hopefully you guys will have lots of fun doing this.


Your project look really well planed. I’m curious to see next steps.
Good Luck Eddy !


Sorry to post later. we are working hard.


Here is some researches about our character’s psychology, because it will of course have consequences on their actions :
Our Amy is not a simple art lover, she’s most like an art gallery owner, she is wealthy, beautiful, clever, but she has a lot of work and cannot have a decent rendez-vous, so she’s alone. In our version, the art gallery is a part of Amy, it’s almost one and unique character : the paintings and her are here to judge John.
Our John is a pure loser, he tryes to have a lot of dates but always make BIG mistakes, he is not machist, but does not really respect women. He never had to face a girl like Amy.


Here’s is the dragon’s concept for the last sequence.


Software: 3ds max,ZBrush

This is the first of the dragon’s modeling.

Play Video >>


This is the dragon’s uv visualization.


This is a rough of an amy’s pose.


Script Part 1


Script Part 2


Script Part 3


Script Part 4


Script Part 5


Hello !

nice story :thumbsup:

do you have some previz or storyboard ?

I just regret that the girl is a little bit too ‘anime’ style.

Good luck !


This is a visualization of the character’s height.