Strange Behavior (Short Film) Entry: Kai Humphreys


Kai Humphreys is entered in the “Strange Behavior Challenge” update: View Challenge Page

Latest Update: Rough Storyboards or 3D pre-visualization: Art Gallery – Show Room (1st Draft)


Art Gallery – Show Room (Draft 1)

Modeling by: Kai Humphreys (me)

Hi, this is our 1st submission. My name is Kai Humphreys and I am nominated the team leader of a team that consists of myself and Gabriele Gabba

This is a 1st draft version of the Show Room in the art gallery. We’ve made a couple adjustments since this draft. We felt that it was looking more like a train station than a show room so we’ve brought the ceiling down quite a lot and removed the foreground pillars as well as most of the props (pots, etc). We might put one of those bench units there instead of having one on either side of the room.

This will be the room where “John” first meets Amy, who will be sitting on the bench waiting for “him”. There will be paintings surrounding the walls and possibly a carpet on the floor.

As soon as we’ve properly edited the sound breakdown for the character’s voices we’ll submit an adaptation of the script and the reason for why we’ve said ‘John’


Nice set. Good luck.


Hello fellow challengers and friends,

I am indeed working with Kai Humphreys, even though we have been having major issues trying to sort this team thing out on the site itself.

At this stage i’m still nailing out a lot of concept for Amy and John the likes of which i hope to see posted very soon.

We’ve nailed most of the thumbnails (still to be posted here) and have a soundtrack recorded.

Both Kai and myself are also juggling our college work at the same time as working on this project. Therefore we are under a lot of pressure to see this passion of ours grow and actually come about while still trying to maintain a healthy atmosphere for our immediate

Good luck to you all and stay tuned! :wink:


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