Strange Behavior (Short Film) Entry: Diego Herrera


Diego Herrera is entered in the “Strange Behavior Challenge” update: View Challenge Page

Latest Update: Colored Story Boards or edited footage/renders: John face closeup


Hey all,

First I want to thank our great 2d designer and 2d supervisor for his great talent “BearNard” Bernardo Castro, I will be the team leader for this team, here are our 3 characters designs.

Nice job Berny



This is the little monster basic shape.


This is the little monster font and side for modelling


This is Mr. Dutch basic shape


Cute monster design, man! :slight_smile:


Thank you redfrog, here are the rest of the characters.

This is Mr. Dutch front and side for modelling


This is John’s basic shape


This is John’s font and side for modelling


This is an image so you can see the sice of them.


Hello All,
I’m modelling the little monster here’s what I got so far.







This is the final 3d modell.



“THEJAMK” Jerson A. Mendoza King is doing this great modell of the character Dutch take a look.

Thank you bro nice work.



Is there any way to erase or edit the threads we submit through the upload tool?


help I can’t erase this aaaaaaaa!


Dutch Image2.


Dutch Image3.


This is the final modell of Dutch.