Strange Behavior (Short Film) Entry: Bill Stout


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Latest Update: Finished Trailer: Final


Looking forward to the prelim boards :thumbsup:


here’s the preliminary boards for shots 1-30.
After that I got distracted by completing the rewrite.
I have my next draft of that done in pencil, now to type it up and add complete the boards.

You will notice I have an unusual boarding style - not just the crappy drawing style, that can’t be helped, but i draw the set with chracters in them. Then i place frames around them based on how I want the shot to be. This gives me a sense of comp;osition and movemnt through space. The downside is that no one else can read them.


That’s alright Bill. Da Vinci wrote backwards himself.

Looking closely at your figures, it looks like a romantic scene.


just figured out how to use the uploader.
resubmitted same post below.
slowly but surely working out those ID_ten_T problems.



Looking closely at your figures, it looks like a romantic scene.

yeah it has a steamy side. the way i see it the whole thing is a set up.
she knows who is in that gallery, the power of the art that lives there, and she wants her friend back. Amy’s goal is to trade John for the girl with the dragon. Johns goal is to get lucky. It is his predataory desire that makes him an easy victim for Amy. She has to play him just enough to reel him in.

stylistically I would love for the set to have a continually skewed feel to it. No right angles anywhere. Maybe lots of forced perspective to give that sense of skewed reality. After all this is the home of one of Cthulu’s portals to this plane of existence. (I was thinking Cthulu before I saw the “My Uncle Cthulu” picture in the inspiration section of the challenge; it knocked me out and i commited to the portrait as a primary source for that piece, it fits my sense of character. His snot changes John’s reality that allows him to be brought into the painting. )


here are some test renders for Amy’s character.
I’m going for a version of anime models with textures in a vaguely realistic direction.
i think its a fun explore the stylisation of manga/anime modeling with a quasi-realistic shader style.

i think this still needs alot of work on eye-liner, non-existant eyebrows, eye shader and other areas. i am interested in pushing the shaders in a more realistic direction while keeping the very stylized modeling.


Good Start!!
i’ll forward for a more comprehensibleboard to appreciate your concept.

Good luck!!! :slight_smile:


Here’s more incomprehensible boards, shots 31-60.


Hey Bill, good start on the storyboarding (even though it’s incomprehsnible :slight_smile: )

Looking forward to seeing more as it comes along.

Good luck!


rough idea for the dragon pose


Nice flow in the dragon concept. Should be fun rigging that creature.


thanks. i’m definitely looking forward to rigging him. I want to do a few pose tests before i commit to 4 legs or 6 and where exactly they should go. thankfully my rigging is better than my storyboarding.


great working with the storyboard

would love to see when its done

All the best !!


Looks great. i hope to see more.
I have a question. Can one guy alone enter the short film section with his own story? :thumbsup:


I’m not the person to ask because I don;t work here, I just play here.
You should read the FAQ section.

That said, of course one person can enter. Mim-Armand is doing a nice one person entry so far. I’m sure he’s not the only one going it alone. If your story fits the criteria (read the FAQ) then you should enter the short film, if it doesn’t, enter the animation section where they say you have a greater chance of winning (and a greater chance of finishing).


Thanks bstout for the help.So thats it. I prefer my own story, therefore i entered the animation section.


Checking for updates. :thumbsup:


here’s the latest draft of the script.

thanks for checking for updates Henrix
more soon.

------------accidentally posted this backwards so page 1 is at the end of the script. oops.