Strange behavior of BindSkin tool


I created planar objects for rigging wings but they behave very strange with bind skin tool , some of them binds well and some not. Maya shows me this error :

(There no any description in script editor)
CleanUp doesn’t do anything , as if mesh is right.

Help me please to understand how it working because my mind melting)

Not to this problem but how I can return highlighting in Marquee selection mode - it disappeared once and I can’t find where I can switch it on

Help me pls if you faced such troubles before)

iMac OS 10.14.1
Maya 2018
test_riging_wings.mb (86.6 KB)


If you reset settings of “Bind Skin Options” to default, you shouldn’t see this error message.
I guess using “Heatmap” method in your case isn’t needed. So leave it at “Closest Distance” instead.

As for highlight selection, you can find it in the viewport menu under “Show> Selection Highlighting”

It’s been a week and you might have found solution for your issues though.