Strange Behavior (Illustration) Entry: zeinab nematzadeh




Cute and very strange!! Good luck!


thanks all and good lucks.:thumbsup:


wow wow…cute cat cat ……i love these pictures…um um …gooooood jooooob…saghar…good luck and keep it up…:bounce: :bounce:


The cat’s pretty cool
but when I first glanced at it I thought “Maybe a siamese cat would contradict it more and make it funnier”
I’m a Disney fan and I thought of that due to me remembering the siamese cat song from “lady and the tramp”
there was something about the cats and the baby and some milk
just a thought

goodluck in the competition


I guess you get this a lot but … AAAAAAAAAAWWWWWWWWWWWW!! so cute!

Maybe you could rise the baby’s head more, and of course the cat’s hand holding it, i think that would bring them even closer to each other for warmer effect, right now I feel like the baby is staring to the ceiling. I hope this helps.

Good work!:thumbsup:


Very cute and sweet :slight_smile:
Like simplicity of it, it works!

Good luck, Zeinab!


Very cute, Very beautiful, Very expressive, Great colors!
Did I miss anything?


i like the kitty but the baby … I think he is a litle strange…much more life will be better! :bounce:


Limbiu,musi,varma,SteevieWoo,koager,minminxu. thanks for your nice words.:eek: i trying that , thanks your helps:scream:


keep it up…zeinab…I am very very love your cute cat cat……I think if you add some textures for the cat cat then better…um um …zeinab… keep it up…:bounce: :bounce:




sorry, double post



i think the kid is better with hand. good subsurface and lighting. i wait to see your scene.
good luck friend.:buttrock:


what a lovely motherly cat~

I think if the cat vision is on the baby face would be more warming. Nod the head a little. Eyes lookin down. Eye lips close a little.

Imagine the cat is a mother. She will look at the baby drinking the milk to avoid choking the baby.

Lovely modelling. This is one of the best cat design i like after the Shrek pussycat…


hai dinodog78 , tanks for Applause , i like to see your work’s.good luck:beer:


It is funny if you think that your mom is a lovely cat.


It’s cute ! The mam cat is a truly nice character without claws…



very nice character my friend.:thumbsup:
good work and idea.


thanks krako and siavash. i’m too busy ad i have no time:sad: .

i uploaded large size soon.