Strange Behavior (Illustration) Entry: zeinab nematzadeh


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Latest Update: Final Image: cat & baby


It is funny if you think that your mom is a lovely cat.


funny? More disturbing is the word that comes to mind


Good luck!



good idea my friend, go on.
i know you can do it well :slight_smile:


ha ha scary , strange and cute all at the same time :slight_smile:


A strange behavior for sure!. good luck :thumbsup:






[left]Good luck.:thumbsup:


uvw map


The cat’s texture


cat texture’s


Hehe- That cat is too cute! THis is a very creative idea! I cant wait to see how it progresses.:stuck_out_tongue:


Good work so far - nice model and texture! It’s funny, the cat in your concept sketch looks decidedly female, but this model looks male. I think the primary difference is in the eyes - botht he size, and the eyelashes (which are so strong in the pencils but missing in the 3D.) Did you specifically decided to change the gender, or are you just not to that point of detailing yet? Good luck!


Whooo,cute kitty indeed!Indeed some eyelashes as in the 2D sketch could make her/him look even more cute.Keep 'm coming:beer:


Oooooooh! Nice warm ‘old school storybook’ feel to it, Keep it coming!!:thumbsup:
Still, not sure about the eyelashes… i feel they’re a bit heavy in the first sketch.
but that’s just my opinion… Hey! they could be green as yours:) I like em’!

Good work!! !!


cat and baby


this realy good my friend!:thumbsup:

when add your scene? i want to see your scene.
good luck.:buttrock:


Hey Zeinab, very charming cat !! really nice model ! good work !! :thumbsup: