Strange Behavior (Illustration) Entry: Yusuf Trevez


Great peice! Maybe this could fix the engery problems.


Funny work and nice details! But I will stay up wind from that guy. {8>)>


Korendo - Thank you so much for stopping by, and leaving your positive comments my friend! even though I think it’s impossible for this entry to solve the energy problem by itself; I hope it will push at least some people to think about consumption in a different way. Because the energy problem and the global warming and such are just results of a deeper confusion that human has: what to consume, why to consume, how much to consume, and how to consume… In a deeper sense, I feel like if we ever unify with the universe at some point intellectually, we need to understand a better connection between living beings and inanimate objects. Inanimate objects that exists, and the ones that we create that is. I could keep on talking about this issue in a philosophical sense more, though, I feel like I already filled up my share of time, thread posts, and nonsense :smiley:

Thanks a lot again for your visit bro!


Beautiful work Jeff! Your entry was one of the first I saw when I just visited CGSociety and made me want to try the challenge. Really beautiful and rich color. Best of luck with the judges!:thumbsup: I am new in town :smiley: and it has been overwhelming interacting with great artists around the world such as yourself. Hope to see a lot more of your work.:bounce:


Your explanation is great. Hi there, sorry but I missed your thread, d´oh!:slight_smile: Very cool and funny.
About the general thought of our human society, well… “much to learn WE still have”:smiley: . To me, the real metamorphosis will come when we accept that a world map with drawn countries is only a paper. Like money is only a tool, not a living powerful god. We live in the same home and etc,etc =)

Good luck with your work and regards!


Hi JEff, you finished with a great piece of art man!Congratz!THE message behind it is also top!!!


Serious message, great and funny idea/concept, wonderful artwork! :applause: Congratulations!!

Thanks for the high-res pic of the final version!! It really helps to see all the funny details!



painpainting and OKMER

Thanks a lot guys, your kind words are most appreciated. Yeah I’m one of the stroke-obsessed too, so hi-res images should be shared :slight_smile: Thanks for taking the time to check it out!!! good luck to you!


No problem at all buddy, in fact thank you very much for taking your time to check this out, and for your generous comments. i guess most of us artists share a similar utopia ha? To live in a world where you don’t have to pick a side… Realists like me are aware that nothing is perfect, and evolution is painfully slow, but we also know that our utopias are the ones that better the tomorrows.


Hey man, I’m honored you feel like that. And so if you win I can claim some credit on your victory at least :stuck_out_tongue: hahaha, jokes aside, really, I appreciate you taking the time to check out this entry, and to leave your generous comments. People like you give me a great amount of courage to go forward.

Thanks to all who’ve visited and replied. Since I have a bunch of free time, now I’ll just be jumping around and leaving comments on my friends’ threads till the end. Hope i’ll be able to come constructive and match the support I got here…


Jeff this is absolutely beautiful. I regret that it took so long to finally read and see the finished product… THIS AN AMAZING PIECE! The artwork AND the writing.


The previous details weren’t up to date, I’ve added the final details on page 9 for the interested. this challenge is coming to an end, kinda saad (sobbing…)



Thank you so much, wassap girl! I’m glad that you’ve found the time to check this out, i know you’re busy with precious GooBee. Give her kisses from me, and thanks again for leaving your generous comments…

GooBee rocks!


what a great progress! if that one doesnt win a prize then i dont know neither ^^


double post


Bloodbrush -

thanks very much for stopping by and leaving your encouraging comments dude. It’s greatly appreciated. And i hope god, at least the judges, will hear you out :smiley:


Ha! This is funny :smiley:


Pearlyking -

Thanks a lot. I really appreciate your visit!


Hello Jeff,

To quote “Matchbox Twenty” – “How Far We've Come” or more precisely “How Far You've Come”.   Unquestionably, your wonderful and humorous image has a very unique position on the end of the world and the writing is most heart felt.

Your work highlighting the upcoming waves of apocalyptic weather change, made me think of this poem:

“Wave after wave, each mightier than the last

‘Til last, a ninth one, gathering half the deep

And full of voices, slowly rose and purged

Roaring, and all the wave was in a flame”

Tennyson “The Coming of Arthur”


Korendo -

hehehe, thanks a lot for stopping by again, and I definitely appreciate your little poems and songs throughout the forum :smiley:


Aahahahahah…i can’t help but laugh seeing ur entry :wink:
That looks very poisoned …

Great job…and i like the view…Is this the final? or there something wold you add? I think it would be great if you add details to the sky.



Mwahaha…!:scream: Oh, man, I’ve missed this one!! Hilarious, very un PC but with a serious message between lines, and that’s why I love it! Great work all through the challenge, btw, and again, so sorry for having missed it. Congrats on finishing and all the best for the judging!