Strange Behavior (Illustration) Entry: Yusuf Trevez


really great work Jeff… love the final image… nothing to crit… good luck…


nwiz25 - You’ve really flattered me my friend, I thank you greatly for your warm and generous comments. No problem at all buddy, I know that people have jobs and responsibilities, you know. Not everyone is living the hobo life like me :smiley: But I want to say again, that I really appreciate all your support to my thread my friend. I’m glad to know an artist like you too, who can surprise people with his superb techniques and ideas, while educating them. My eyes are on your entry now! Cheers…

icedeyes - Thank you very much brother! I really appreciate your visits and contributions to the thread. They really kept me going in this challenge and helped me a lot. Extra thanks for keep coming and giving your opinions on issues when I was stuck. Bless you my friend!


Hi Jeff

First of all that was a real pleasure to watch your progress. You a master of photoshop Jeff. :slight_smile:
Your work looks perfect for me both in technique and meaning you put in picture. :thumbsup:

Congrats with final image. :bounce: And good luck with voting.


Hi Jeff ! OMG You FINISH! :smiley: It’s so awesome the way you delivered the words in colors and shapes! Quiet a master piece you got to show to the world in there. Congratulations!:thumbsup:

Love the composition, the deep details, the part each character plays their significant message, Its really special your style, the contour shapes you choose for the pose on him and the way to deliver skin tones in a vibrant and stylish way, and yet significantly realistic. The bumble bee its one of my favorites, the outfit and all, and the flower looks really cool too! Well personal favorite’s choice flower, so again hope you are more than proud for a very unique and beautiful piece of art! :applause::beer:


Jeff, awesome, awesome. This reflects the style and humor I saw in your Elesse snow skiing ad you did way back, but with far greater control of color and technique. The hyper attention to detail is amazing.

Solid, man!! Weird and beautiful at the same time.


I totally agree with ferx. Really a great piece of art. Congrats!


medunecer - Thank you so much my friend! I really appreciate you taking time to view my thread, and giving me such optimism. Best of luck to you!

SecretWeapon - Wassap J? How’s it going man? Thank you so much for stopping by and taking the time to reply. I missed you brother, we should hang out, get drunk, and make music as soon as possible!!! Mi casa su casa, excuse my spanish :smiley:

AxelAlonso - My dear friend thank you very much for all the support you’ve given me throughout the competition. I appreciate your critiques, your comments, and your excitement about this picture, which helped it greatly to be what it is now! You’ve got great skills, and I know you’ll be perfecting them very rapidly. I also would like to thank you “extra…” Why? Cause you’re the only one who added my portfolio as a favorite. Haha, and this my friend, I won’t forget this favour. Thank you so much…

Demitsuri - You are one of the regulars who contributed my motivation greatly during this WIP my friend. I really appreciate all your votes and c&c you’ve given to better this illustration. I’ll be hoping to work with you again in another great CG event in the future… Bless you dude!


Here I am, reeeeeeeeeeeeaaaaaaaaaaaaally late, and to find that my good pal Jeff is done now!

Well, let me try to lay some order on my many thoughts now:

  1. I told you before and now again, Your concept was incredibly solid all the way, all these little hints of a great work of meaningful art we could see them from the very first sketches, and then some more I didn’t saw coming (ah… the little bugs).

2.It really showed your level of commitment as the picture evolved in a very subtle way, with new details sometimes hard to notice at first glance, but executed in a way only close-ups could make justice to. your fathoming into such little things like the nuts and bolts and the bird’s tear splashing against the guy’s leg, Wow…they just make me think of how much fun this craft is, and how good is to get it work just the way you wanted.

3.Take this from a guy who thought this challenge would be a big bunch of great crazy pictures, It is the entries like yours and the whole message you deliver that will make this competition great, and since you are one of few that saw even beyond that an managed to mix both wacky and message, you really got all my respect.

4.Your color contrast still amazes me everytime I drop by.

Big fat congratulations to you Jeff. seems long time ago since I first chuckled at your fart picture and then I read and realized, Wow what a ride!! !! !! !! !! !!

Thank you very much for sharing!!.. and stay tuned!


Hey buddy, this is as bizarre as it can get. It’s going to be tought to beat it. Good luck.


I think the image is brilliant ! Great job


that is a hell of a weird wacky painting man, congratulation from me
good luck on the challenge,


guterrez, Marcus_B and [b]guero

[/b]Thank you so much for stopping by and leaving your generous comments. I really appreciate it guys! Thanks again for your encouragement, and I wish the best of luck to you with your entries aswell…


[/b]I don’t know what to say!!! I’m extremely flattered and humbled by your reply man… It would be extremely hard for up-and-coming artists like me to break through, and create a piece like this; if it wasn’t for the sincere comments and encouragement coming from people like you… Anybody can identify a good image, or a good artist. But it takes a different eye and attitude like yours, to be able to see a potential and tell it to the beholder… People like me need people like you my friend. Or else we would be scared and never leave our shelves…

Thanks again to everyone who views this thread…

*got a job btw, perfect timing eh?


wow… beautiful art.


Funny but dull idea. NIce characters. Comic birds, amusing.


asma - Thanks a lot for stopping by dude, I appreciate it!

GurinIgorJevg - Thank you for your comments, and I’ll try better next time…


Hey Jeff, I wanted to congratulate you one more time. You’ve worked on a good concept so much. Bol şans kardeş! Ellerine sağlık! Cheers!


Ashitaka - Thanks dostum! I really appreciate you stopping by the second time… Now I’m gonna use this last chance to move my thread up on the list, hahaha. And then on I’ll stop polluting the challenge with my finished piece, and go somewhere dark and cold and be forgotten or something… :stuck_out_tongue:


Hey Jeff, ok, an other chance:) , and not the last to put your thread at up, my friend !!:smiley:

I’m visting you because i want to inform you that my new wallpaper (your incredible image) have been a great success :scream: , all my friends has liked very much !! Cheers Jeff !! :beer:


ferx - thanks a lot buddy! With your help a few more people will see this entry this weekend… ummm, you were also the first reply on my 10th page, so I wanted to thank you SteevieWoo style this time! here it goes…

I know, I know… not as hot as Rita. but you gotta admit that he is something! hehehehehehehehehe


Hahahahahahahahahahahahaha … I cannot stop laughing… hahahahaha :smiley: hopefully with this, Rita becomes jealous !! hahahahahah :smiley:

Jeff, thanks for this nice detail my friend !!! you rock!! :buttrock: (and i´m saving that image… hahahaha) :beer: