Strange Behavior (Illustration) Entry: Yusuf Trevez


Saturation saturation saturation, contrast contrast contrast…

this flipped version gives me a head spin, I almost can’t see what’s going on


Some hi-res images:


man this is awesome!!.. flying naked mechanic, gas, bugs wearing gas masks, burning forest man theres only so much one can take… this is absolute fun… love the concept. The compositoon is gr8 althouh for some reason the eye is dragged toward the big eyed duck… mayb its bcause of his big eyes, if thats what u intended then thats fine but i donno a closed eye might work as well… thats just me… awesome work ur doing here… keep it up!


Hey Jeff,

First - I be very imppresed with all the paint detail in your illustration, I take off my hat at you :smiley:

Second - That great detail level in your painting put a lot of pressure on the challenge :smiley: (I think i can finish my concept in a few hours and take a large rest but now that is impossible … :smiley: )

Third - The flip composition works really well for me. You have two strong subjects on your composition “The egocentric industrial and tech Man” :smiley: and the “goose son of the mother natura” :smiley: . with the flip you put the man in the right part and the right focal point, and eye ever look first in that zone, and the goose in first plane drag the eyes to it, but like i say before, this permit to explore all the painting. The fart “line” guide the eye to the forest , and the forest to the background clouds, i like that :thumbsup: Maybe are a little gap on the overall line of the composition objects between goose tip and the bird hited by the nut … but is only a thing of me , i love your composition:)

Really awesome work Jeff!! :beer:


Beautiful blue!!!:applause:


Thanks everyone, you precious comments are absorbed with joy by my brain!

Ferx - Thanks for the long reply buddy, I really appreciate your support. As far as the level of details, I don’t want to leave myself any excuses at the end this time :wink: Plus, you have quite some stuff going on yourself dude :smiley: so, lets get’em this time :slight_smile:

overcontrast- Thanks a lot for stopping by, you gave me a great boost my friend!

Also Ferx, I like your writing: “The egocentric industrial and tech Man” and the “goose son of the mother natura”… Hahaha, this is giving me some ides for the title too, which I’ve been having a difficult time in finding. I’d appreciate some ideas about the title if people have any, it can help me find one! For now, I have a few, but none of the sound really powerful yet:

Full Thrrrrrotle
Mmmmr. Consumption

these are the ones I have for now… soon will post a new image, and wrap it up by the end of this month. Before I puke hehehehehe


Great concept, put a smile on my face as soon as the thread loaded :slight_smile:

I think the colours are fantastic and the detail is excellent. Looking through the thread I can see the progression of your painting and it’s going in the right direction.

I acutally prefer the composition of the flipped image, don’t know why it’s just looks good to my eye.

The only thing I can suggest is that even though the fart looks fantastic (I can almost smell it by looking at it) it doesn’t seem to suggest enough force to propel someone along.

Great work, and best of luck in the competition!


Great work you’ve done so far. You’ve progressed so much with details, I like the litheness of your character, colours. I’m waiting to see the final to be amazed!. Good luck, have fun!


Ok, this is driving me crazy! I can’t decide between these three, I really need help with this one. I need all the vote I can get… Thanks for each vote already!!

I’ll post a few details once I come to a stopping point… All c+c are most welcome


Here is a better compression. Last ~30 days of painting… This has been really fun, cannot compare painting in a room by myself for months…


Well, I see your point here! is hard to pick one. I actually think the composition is getting a bit too busy to add another line but the rainbow works well, so I think I would go for the rainbow in B but more discrete and transparent, as in C. (The rainbow position in C overlaps with the guy and actually in the thumbnails it seemed to me that the rainbow was coming out of his butt too:D).

Hope it helps, let’s see how the poll goes!

Oh! I meant to tell you this from a while ago, but I keep forgetting about: the reins seem a bit too thin and I think they mostly desappear if you squint, if you’re OK with them then ignore me, but also there is this part where the thread is cut. I know is a little thing, but it kinda makes me itchy from the start, so I had to comment about it!:smiley:



Hum for me the rainbow is disturbing the view… I choose A.

Anyway great image so far :applause: :applause: :applause: …all those details thats fantastic :thumbsup:


Hey Jeff, great rainbow texture!!, is awesome my friend !! :thumbsup:

I’m agree with Steevie. I think the rainbow create a line and divide the composition and “fight” with the fart line, but if you are going with it i vote for B :smiley: (perhaps a flare strikes with rainbow tones on the sun light spot, insted of the rainbow… only a comment) Again great work mate!! :beer:


hey been a while. i was gone for a bit. but yea i would like to vote for A 1st and C 2nd. i dont really like B.


Hi Jeff.

Impressive work as usual. :scream:

The rainbow by it self looks nice, and on B it fits good. :slight_smile:

But composition looks a little bit busy, so A for me. :rolleyes:


I prefer ‘A’ too. I’m concerned about too many visual elements competing for attention. By the way, your high-res work is just amazing, and your use of colour - especially that skin tone against the blue sky - is just superb. You really notice that in the high-res version :thumbsup:


Thank you for every single vote folks! I really appreciate it, since this time a vote or two wouldn’t be enough to assure me. A was my initial choice too, until my girl friend liked it and I decided to get some proffessional help hehehe. I think I’ll leave it out for now, I can print a version with rainbow anytime I guess… Thanks for all comments. Democracy rules!

SteevieWoo - it’s just my sloppy workflow buddy, it usually drives my boss crazy too :D, those little fixes I wrap up towards the end in one sitting. And thanks for warning me about the thickness of the rein, I made it thicker already, and will try to make it more prominent

Ferx - thanks for the flare advice, I played with it actually already, but will test some more

mdavid - I appreciate you stopping by and for the very generous comment, always good to have you back dude. My eyes on your thread…


Here is some new paint, doesn’t look like much but a few days’ worth of work in fact. Getting closer to finishing is like trying to get closer to the speed of light. The further you go, the more energy you need to spend, for the lesser amount of progress. But the next step is the most fun part! Post production, color correction, lighting prettyfication and the ever lasting playing with this and that…




haha! fantastic concept, it made me laugh when I saw it. Love the style and colours very coool. I would go for A I think its a bit less busy than the others, tho I still find it slightly overcrowded, but it doesnt detract from anything. Personally I feel his head is too close to the edge of the painting, it kinda draws my eye off the page - but man, its a solid painting, love those details! Thats a lot of work! Phew!