Strange Behavior (Illustration) Entry: Yusuf Trevez


Wow. It’s really looking great! Love the bugs


Hi, I wanted to post a few images about my process. I modeled these nails 'n bolts

in maya with polygons, put a blinn shader and a few directional lights on them. then added them to the scene and made necessary adjustments

For the feathers:

I’ve made a quick stroke of a paint effect in maya, which gave me 3 feathers. Then just played with its various presets and got a few different effects, each time taking snapshots of them from different angles, i then added them to the scene and I keep playing with their color, shape and lighting, using the smudge tool, paint brush, and Brightness/Constrast adjustment.

Please excuse me for the abnoxious watermark…

I also model the screw-driver and the tool right next to it on his toolbelt in maya, then painted over them. These are the only 3D elements in the scene.



Thank you very much, I’ve been checking out your very starange concept too :smiley: I really appreciate your comments, thanks for the visit!


Thanks for all your comments. I think a decomposing bird would be a little too much, but I appreciate your suggestion cause I like to hear all opinions. I’ll be adding some foam coming out of their mouth though, as if the poison showing its effect :smiley: and work on some birds more to give them more of a feather loss… I’ll also be working on the fart more for sure, I gotta stop working on some parts from time to time, because I’m looking too much to it and can’t go forward anymore even though I paint for hours. Thanks again dude, and gotta say the lighting is coming along very nicely in your entry so far, keep up the good work yourself aswell :slight_smile:


ha ha ha, it’s funny!


Boy. everyone I know in the business has come through that zoom problem at some point! Heck, even happened to Michelangelo at the Sistine!

The decomposing bird could work if done in a representative way only, like becoming a black silhouette and turning into ashes, but i think tha main problem could be to find space for it without spoling the composition.
As for the bugs i think they fit much better than it seemed to me from the close up, but i find the bee’s left eye (the one with the vertical shape) a little hard to read in the complete pic,
maybe you could make it more round or show the pupil a little more.
The only feather i don’t quite like is the one in front of the guy, but i don’t really know why so feel free to ignore me on that one.:smiley:

See ya!


thanks for the replies guys, I appreciate it.


Thanks buddy, I took another look at that eye and you’re right, I’ll change that, it’s a fine tune. hahaha, i almost put that feather there instinctively for someone to complain about it, i think i’ll get rid of it or move it, there are no birds there yet either so it doesn’t even make sense. thanks again!


always makes me smile. great picture. cant wait to see it done.


Hi Jeff,
Love the bee, and lady bug with mask, :scream:sadly it’s not easy to catch them, but I love small details that add more personality to a great piece of art! And since I am sure it will be printed in a great book the detail will be easier to catch there, I still wish the sky looks a bit more render for the side of the pollution, but since it’s your negative space as well, it’s a touchy side to! :slight_smile:


I like the pleasant speed feeling your creating in this image, fun fact for this could be that the swedish word fart means speed :wink: short swedish lesson especially for you. Also fun when you have basketball coaches speaking swenglish during practice :wink: We need more fart guys!

Time for bed, see you around!


Thanks everyone, i appreciate it…

Ligo, thanks for the lesson buddy. It’s just became of those words I’ll never forget, even though I die without learning another Swedish word! Hope that won’t happen :slight_smile:

AxelAlonso, Thanks a lot. Man I’ve really been trying to do what you describe, but it always feels like it doesn’t work. But I’ll post an example soon, with a few other ideas.

I’ve been working on my web site, because I really need a job now :smiley: I’ll try to give an update as fart as I can!


Big changes, more details. The composition was driving me crazy, my eyes were gettig stuck at the left half of the image, so here it is. c+c is most appreciated. not sure about the amount of darkness at the right side yet…


I like the details you have added in this update… the darkness on the right helps to frame the main elements on the left… keep it up


Hey Jeff , thats great my friend !! really amazing !! i like a lot your changes:thumbsup: . The goose on first plane and right side invites to explore all the illustration ( first that I thought when seeing was " what is happening here?? oohh what a fart! " great man!! :smiley: ) I liked the nut hiting the bird, is a really clever and funny detail ! The bugs !! great!! beautiful and really funny detail…
I always enjoy much seeing your painting ! :buttrock:

(Maybe a tear in the goose eye put a more toxic touch, i dont know, only a comment :slight_smile: )

Again great work mate !! :thumbsup:


I like the darkness at the right side too. It goes a long way to define the environmental destruction taking place. Those fires on the right are drawn beautifully too. One possibility you might want to consider is to increase the level and extent of browning of the crops/forests near the edges of the flames.

There’s a wonderful sense of movement and energy in your illustration which I like a lot. Great work buddy


Hi Jeff pal!!! Great development on your piece. Yes, the composition works better now!! I wish I would be anywhere near this level of advance now!!:blush:

Oh well, here’s my two cents… Let’s see…
The drool you added to the nearest goose looks to me a little too busy, I think you could get a better effect with half as much but bolder ‘strings’ and drops of drool. (Hmmm… I don’t know if i made myself clear) Let’s say he looks now a little bit rabid or something, not just drooling.:drool: The effectiveness of my comment depends on which direction are you taking in the first place, so feel free to ignore this if it doesn’t help you!

Same for the screws and nuts, I think they’re too small, maybe if you exaggerate the size of the nearest ones it will be more noticeable how they look smaller as they fall and desappear in the background, you could also twist their trajectory so they would fall in the empty space you have over the houses, The central bird would still be on position for a good nut in the head!:smiley:

Hmmm, the black smoke clouds near by the bigger feather seem to follow its shape, even when the feather is miles away from it, I think the smoke should follow the arc of the horizon just as the white clouds do.:shrug:

Well this is only a comment that came to my mind after viewing all your posts from the start again. As I said, feel free to think I’m An anal retentive for minding these things!!:smiley:



Thank you for the valuable comments, good to have you back!


Thanks buddy, oh there is unemployement at the other side of the medallion :wink:
I really appreciate your long critique, things are a little shaky right now since the comp just changed. I’ll make use all of your suggestions!

-mdavid and Ferx

I’ll certainly apply the changes you’ve mentioned, I agree. Always a pleasure to have you here!

Coming soon…Portfolio 2007 :smiley:


Hahahaahaaa very funny. I really like it. it’s my favorit subject.

good luck.


ur on fire man! :eek: wicked details all the way! :scream::thumbsup::bounce: can’t wait for final showdown! … (me so impatient :smiley: ) hehehehehe :stuck_out_tongue: … once ur done with changes … flip it over and c if there is anything that catches ur attention … :wink: … this is gonna be superb! :buttrock:


Hi Jeff!

You never stop. :slight_smile:

Lot of improvements, and from the context of idea all looks great for me. :thumbsup:

Maybe screws and nuts a little bit too smal and reflection of the eye too strong.


fido972 - Thanks so much! I’m honored to hear that

nwiz25 - Hey buddy how are you? Thanks a lot for the visit! I appreciate all your comments, and actually I was going to flip my next post!!! you foresee future master… Ssstrange…

Demitsuri - Thank you very much! I’ll definitely play with those, hope you’ll be back to check on them :smiley: Thanks everyone!

I’ve just finished my new web portfolio at last, so please feel free to check it out if interested. , still needs a few things, though, it’s 99% there. Which means now I can concentrate on the painting again, I’ll be posting an image in a day or two. Now, time to visit some cool posts!