Strange Behavior (Illustration) Entry: Yusuf Trevez


this fart looks almost like green diarrhea :smiley: just joking… its awesome pic, lots of fun things to spot and colors are just so fresh and juicy hehe. keep up the good work, I’ll keep an eye on ur thread.


Hi Y. Jeff , the concept and the illustration is great, you’ve make progress so far and it goes really good. Best of luck for after this. I’ll watch the thread interestedly.


I will be posting some close-ups, and will talk about how I’m doing some things in the next couple of days. I feel like I should talk about the process at parts where it’s not just flat out photoshop painting, and please feel free to ask if have questions about anything…

Hope you like the new guys, I don’t think I’ll add any more characters to the scene from now on, I’ll just try to make better what’s already there. This close -up is 100%.All c+c are most appreciated…


I’ll be posting some details, and will talk about some of the process. Please feel free to ask any questions about methods.

Here are 2 new guys, won’t be adding characters to the scene anymore, I will try to make what’s already there better… All c+c are most appreciated


ashiataka and o-l-d, thank you guys!

Ferx Thanks for you suggestions buddy, I’m working on the fart

NinjaA55N Hey thanks a lot! Gotta say I love your work, and been watching you Strange progress. Your speed paint is superb man, there is a lot I gotta learn from your images, I dig your format for the Strange entry btw. I’ll be bugging you with some questions at your thread later on, I appreciate you stoppin by!


Nice! I like the bee a lot!, but yet I wonder if they aren’t too small… mmm maybe when I see the whole of it… Anyways great work!!

I saw this post a couple times before realizing it was you … Like duh!:drool:


SteevieWoo Thanks for stopping by buddy, you are one of the few regulars of this thread, and you guys are giving me a great support.

What you mentioned is another one of my problems in digital: Some times resolution lets me to put finer details, though I can’t be sure how they’ll print out. I see tham clearly when I zoom in on the monitor, though I wouldn’t like them to look like a stain on paper. If there is any proffesional method to figure out how finer one should go with the details, I’d looooveee to hear that. On occasion I find myself working on details in 100% and when I pull out, it doesn’t even look better!

thanks dude!


Hi Jeff

That’s extreme details on that bugs. :eek:

Thay looks relly nice. :slight_smile:

It is hard to say how they fits in composition, can you post some bigger image. Hope it’s allright with them, bcs i really like them.


Here is the full image… Are the bugs big enough to keep in the image, is the new forest fire working better than the old one, and how are the feathers working? I’d love to hear all opinions on these questions I have… Thanks for the help!



thansk a lot for your reply, it didn’t really make sense for me to ask opinion on that without posting the full image. Please check it out and let me know what you think… thanks for your comments buddy I like them a lot too : )


the feathers looks great and the bugs add to the foreground of your image… keep it up


I love that ladybug with the gas helmet. :thumbsup:

In my opinion that level of detail is fine too although some of the extreme detail might get lost to people without good eyes. But I reckon you would not lose too much detail printing it at 300 dpi on good coated stock.

A super-rough guide I use is to view digital artworks at about 25% onscreen to roughly simulate on your monitor how big (but not how clearly) it would print at 300 dpi. That’s less accurate with some of the quality high-res monitors but it could give a rough guide. If fine details disappear or just don’t look good onscreen at that size then I guess you’ve gone too far. Or you could always just print it on some nice coated paper at 300 dpi and see if it works. But like I said, my opinion is that it works fine. I wouldn’t want to go much smaller than that but then it seems like you never intended to. If the illustration was printed in newspaper print (150 dpi) then the ladybird would be visible but I doubt people could make out the gas mask. On 300 dpi coated paper printing then my guess is that the gas mask would be just clear enough to get the joke across



thanks a lot for all the info buddy, they really cleared my head. I was doing pretty much what you explained, I’d look at the image at 12.5 - 25 - 50 %s to figure out, and I had a feeling that 25% at 300dpi was the closer represantation, now I’m sure. Also thanks for the tip about the gas mask, I was thinking about playing with it a little to make it look clearer. I appreciate your help man, thanks!


Thanks a lot for stopping by dude, i appreciate your kind words!

BTW I keep forgetting to add wings to the bee, they’ll be there : )


Yeah it’s pretty simple really. Monitors used to be made at about 72 pixels per inch. So if you were printing stuff at 72 dpi (although I’d hope you wouldn’t!) then the scale would be 1:1. So printing in newspapers at about 150 dpi, then view your artworks at 50% onscreen. That’s two image pixels per screen pixel and the size you’d get onscreen is about how big it appears in print. 300 dpi is very conveniently twice the resolution of 150dpi so that would be viewing your stuff at 25% onscreen. But of course the printing at that high resolution would show detail that was not possible onscreen. I mean, after all, you’re only seeing every 4th image pixel onscreen at 25%, while the printing would be displaying every image pixel. But at least assessing the size onscreen was sort of basic.

It was all so neat and easy to work out until monitors started going to 100 pixels per inch and so on…



Thanks mate! It was extremely helpful having this conversation with you. I had all these things swirling in my head for some time trying to re-invent the wheel, you just helped me to put them in an order and reassured me. I didn’t know that newspapers print at 150dpi, that was useful to know, thanks again. Though I wasn’t aware that the monitors were going 100dpi, I’m sort of Martian to the new technological developements : P But I can see where you’re coming from because photoshop doesn’t display the image nicely crisp at 33.3% and 66.7%

Thanks for the mini course dude!


o wonderfull thread mate, very funny and in the same time sad thing that is acctualy happening everyday allaround the world. to bed i havent follow you from the start, keep up the good tempo :wink:


All looks great for me, and bugs fits perfect. :thumbsup:

The only thing bothers me is the feather on top right, maybe it’s just me, but it looks mmm… too bright for that part of composition. :rolleyes:



Thanks for coming back to check dude. i’m still working on the feathers, even though i kind of like that brightness, you’re probably right, I’ll end up darkening it a little. Thanks for the help buddy!


i really appreciate your kind words and your interes in the thread. Thank you very much my friend, you gave me a great boost of motivation! thanks again…


YAp Jeff,love it!That fart rock’s!:Dand great pic!
Indeed for it sill seems a bit dense but as it’s quit dynamic for it works out well!
For me the bugs work out really well,as proberly the work will be printed in 300dpi.its cool to discover some kind a labyrinth of details in a pic and stay tuned in a image for a while.
MAybe it could be cool to have some bird just behind him being touched by the fart and starting to break up(decompose?) or something like that.Just a idea that came up while watching the pic.huhu
Me having a nice seat down here and following the thread!:beer:


I’ve realy enjoyed watching this thread unfold and it answers the brief perfectly, i like the attention to little details that you are now adding.

steve 8)