Strange Behavior (Illustration) Entry: Yusuf Trevez


SteevieWoo and Slav, thanks guys! I’ve been checking your posts too, it’s good to see some colors, welcome to the 24-bit world : D

Slav, you’re right man I’m working on it, I’ve upsampled my image for the last time a few days ago to 300 dpi to get into details. Now I can’t get out! sky is the next thing on the list, things are taking longer now.

Thanks again guys, I appreciate your support, helps with the neck pain


This is coming along very nicely! I love the colors and the characters, specially the bird’s head. About the sky, I think it’s a little too dark and grey at the right corner, but that is very esay to fix.
The best luck to you, mate!


Nigio, thanks a lot for stopping by buddy. I’ll definitely consider your suggestion, I was indecisive about the amount of darkness over there, been ignoring it actually, I guess it is a little too dark huh?

Thanks for the help!

I’m open to any other kind of suggestions too by the way. Even though I’m pretty far in the paint, I’d like to hear all comments about parts in image that people dislike…


Hey Hede. Great background !! your fish eye conception for it is a very original idea :thumbsup: a great design. Perhaps the gas fart are a bit dense, but it gives the sensation of being really dangerous :applause:


Ferx, I appreciate your comments. You’re right, the fart is a bit dense actually. Though, when I try to play with it’s density it seems like looses impact. But I’ll keep that suggestion in mind for future paint anyway, because it was something I had in mind before…

thanks for checking it out man!


Hi hede.

I think this is one of the best idea in this challenge. :thumbsup:

Your characters is really good and colors a great :slight_smile:

But the sky in upper left, even with highlight, looks too “clean” for me.



hey bro! :scream: thanx a lot for ur comments! :love:

as for ur concept … i still adore it to the fullest! :thumbsup: the details in the background are simply amazing! ; all the elements blend well together!
art in its classic, humourous, crazy form! :bounce:

take care bro! god bless!


Ha ha ha ha good concept


Hi Hede,

Just thought I’d pop in and say how wonderfull your painting is looking, so vibrant and detailed. I like your idea behind this peice too :slight_smile:

Good luck :thumbsup:


Studies on the sky and the fart. Learning the inner workings of the fart. Being the fart.

c+c are most appreciated


weeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee!! lovely wispies! :bounce: :applause:


Oh it feels good to have my name back! It’s weird that you can’t change your user name for 2 weeks once you change it… Anyway, I got it back now…

My girlfriend is back from vacation, which means less time for art and more time for sanity. I started filling the sky and working on the fart. I’ll listen very carefully every comment I’ll recieve. Thanks to everyone who fallows this thread, and for their kind words…


Thanks a lot buddy! Your support means a lot…


Thanks dude!


Hey man, the thumbnail of your work simply cought my eye on the list you know! Good work just stands out, waiting for more from you… thanks for stoppin by


Hey man I appreciate your reply, it gave me a real boost of confidence, so I’ve been painting that part for the past few days. I had a really hard time filling up that space, though I guess I managed to a decent start. I’d love to hear your critique on that and any other parts that’s sticking out. thanks dude

Please feel free to point out anything you dislike people, or anything that could add… Thanks for everyone’s support, I’d probably not finish this piece without it…


This is just great, I love the style and the concept is very weird, congratullations.

About design and composition I have a few coments, I like much more the last fart design but imho ou can improve it by making the perspective more circular like the rounded horizon, also it can improve the motion feeling by moving it not just horizontally but in all 3 axis. Also if i were you maybe I would add some elements in the ground like a farm, a mill. some sheeps or something. Finally I do not understand very well the right shape, it looks like a mountain or a volcano to me but imho it looks a bit noisy because of the fire-like colors, oposite to the left clean side. but that is just me.

Anyway cool picture mate, keep it up!


wow … that’s realy a “strange behavior”
amazing work man … good luck :slight_smile:


Hi Jeff,

I really like a lot your style its so well proportioned for the thoughts that symbolized the poses:thumbsup:I am sorry I didn’t see you early to support you since the beginning, your sketches were fantastic! I really like the color the composition and the characters for what each other its representing, the colors are so well delivered, the forest, the water, the houses they all play nicely, maybe in a way that troubles me a bit, its that the look to nice for the main idea that you are going for, the sky it’s a bit to bright and blue, so its giving more comfortable feeling than discomfort, for what the human its doing, but its all in the colors for me, the textures are great, so the position of the elements its just some colors, that are no playing well at your advance for the destructive part
but its look so amazing already ! The best wishes that you win and that you are happy with your work ! Witch will be the must important!:applause:


There are many things I like about your illustration. A few of those things:

  • the sky is fantastic. I love that wispy dangerous-looking pollution reaching in from the right in the distance
  • the bird being hit on the head has been drawn brilliantly - I think it is just perfect :thumbsup:
  • I love the colours in general - they are vibrant and beautiful
  • those mad clouds all over the sky are superb. Just like a real sky except better!

I wish I could offer something constructive here but I can’t. Keep up the lovely work mate!


Hello, I really like the colors and the “gas” in this picture, nice job! looking forward towards whats next!

Good going



Thanks buddy, thanks for stopping by!


I read your reply very slowly, waiting to hit that part that starts with “but…” But it didn’t come 8 ) Thanks dude!I really appreciate your comments, they are indeed very constructive on my motivation… and feel free to bash anything in the future too 8 D


Thanks a lot buddy, your support means a lot!


Hey man I appreciate your kind words, extremely! Thank you for all your suggestions, I’ve been thinking about them: That part of the sky was actually abit greenish grey, and darker already in the earlier posts. though some people said it looked to dark and pale, besides that, I realized that i need to keep that area a little bright and blue, so that the gas clouds pop up against it more. Although it is still subject to change as the rest of the image progresses, and I’ll keep your suggestion in mind for that. It’d also be nice to hear more opinions on this from other people, since I had two conflicting views so far : ) Again buddy, thanks a lot for all your comments, please keep them coming, they’re improving this image…


Man thanks a lot, you’ve got a sharp eye and raised all the issues that I have issues with : ) I’ve been looking at the gas a lot, and playin with it. the previous blobby feel was very cool and cartoony, though it was taking away from the rest a bit. It’s right in the middle, and was too dense and chunky. I always thought of putting the trail to a shape like you’ve described, but honestly didn’t sketch and look yet. I’ll probably try and see, but there’s another concern about that: Even though the piece is very cartoony, I want to break that subtly. A trail would make it a little more Road Runnerish, and I think it would be ‘expected’ in a piece like this. I’m more trying to show the speed of the action, and it’s readiness to leave the frame. Though, I’ll try and consider your suggestion again and again, I’ve got all the time it seems like 8 ) Your suggestions about the landscape are right to the point, thanks a lot! They gave me a lot of ideas, and I’ll certainly make use of them… Finally, that on the right side is a forest fire, though you’ve raised something that I’m very concerned about, cause another friend of mine made the comment “volcano” too. I think that smoke is a little too dense and unified, which makes it look like a volcanic mountain to some people. i gotta work on that obviously. Thanks buddy, you got me thinking, you’ve opened my eyes, now time to crank it!!!

Thank you very much friends! Please feel free to give your vote on the issues that are raised above. I really appreciate all of your c+c and support, and just know that I’m checking out everyone’s entry who leaves a comment here, and try to reply them as much as possible as they progresses. Because I think this is an excellent source of motivation (something like calcium)


hahaha…nice concept man!


Thats great man! :thumbsup: I like a lot your physic studie about the gas fart behavior :smiley: … o gosh!! is great we can talk about this!!! Ok. I think, perhaps the start of fart is little slow, like a fire smoke, not like expeling a nice fart :smiley: , is only my perception. :slight_smile:
Thats a great great work!!