Strange Behavior (Illustration) Entry: Yusuf Trevez


Hi Korendo,

I started painting the sky with the clouds using a very rough brush. As image evloved, I realized that I was going for an almost 3D type of realism in my 2D piece. So I separated the clouds from the Bg, and smoothed the BG with soft wide brushes and graidients.

As for the fumes, I used the same brush on and off - which was a clligraphy brush with adjusted settings, also I used a cloud brush of “Wacom brushes”, and another brush I created within PhotoShop. Along with some smudging and liquify effect.

I was thinking about it, and now decided after your question: As soon as I get a chance, I’ll post all the brushes that I’ve painted this image with. They really worked for me, and hope they may be useful for others too…



Hey Jeff, I hope you have chance for a brief tutorial of the “making of” about your concept, that be really great my friend!! I love the cool textures on the whole concept!

I want to thank you for your kind words to my final concept, it was really an honor to have participated with a great artist like you on this challenge and hope to have more opportunities to share our work and work together. Indeed, it was a great experience being able to see the whole development of your concept. Thank you for giving me your support so generously to the end of my illustration, I am really indebted to you, so that someday we will have to drink a bottle of tequila my friend!! Cheers!! :beer:



Fernando has such a way with words; most differently agree with his post. Thanks of the many insights. This is really the essence of this type collaboration sharing tips and pushing each other on to excel. :thumbsup:


Gross, but real funny!


i can’t stop laughing…hahha
great compostion



Fernando -

Thank you so much for your visit my friend, pleasure is all on this side of the table… I’ll definitely try to put something together for the making of. It was on my mind already, and since now you’ve asked, it’ll be a pleasure for me. Thank you very much again for the friendship and support, I wouldn’t push myself so hard without it! Hoping to work with you again sooner than later…

Korendo -

Thank you very much buddy, welcome back, always a great pleasure to have you here! We should definitely work together again in the future, it’s mud-opening for all :smiley:

katsuoji -

Thanks a lot for the comments, I appreciate it!


I appreciate the visit my friend. I’m very happy you liked the composition that much, I’ve really put some thinking into it. Thanks a lot for your kind words, and best of luck to you with your own entry…


Click here to get the


Here are all of the brushes I used to paint “Human Nature” that I’ve created inside Photo Shop. Additionally, I used the cloud brushes inside the “PC Wacom Brushes” brush-set… I don’t want to post them here myself, since I’m not sure about licence issues. But they can easily be found on the internet with little research I believe…

Note: Please check the different file sizes of the brushes inside the zip file, I realized some of them came out heavy and worked slow, so I made lighter versions. For best results, go with the brushes that are smaller in file size…

I used the brush “CllgrphyShading-1-JEFF.abr” to paint most of the image, about 70% of it…

Hope they can be useful for some people, enjoy!


double post


triple post… hahaha, is that dumb or what? my apologies…


Dude, I love your final image, even more so now that I have read the ideology behind it! Strange indeed, very strange!

Your rendering is rediculously detailed, well done on that, what patience! I wish you all the best in the competition, looking forward to seeing more work from u on cdsociety!

Ken :smiley:


Hi Jeff,
Wow your brushes work niiice! haha I will give them a try in something worth for your eyes! :arteest:hahaha! Well I am here also to support a little and say THANK YOU! You are a great friendly and full of talent artist! Your feed back has done so much for all of us! And your entry it’s made for a better and much needed message! I so like that! :applause:Hope to see you around more often so I can keep a track of what you are doing, and you’re thoughts about them.:wise:

Have I say Thank You! Haha alright! Gracias Amigo!:thumbsup::smiley:


nethken -

Your visit is much appreciated mate, more so your kind words! I’m working on an illustration with a much rougher brush-work style now, and will post it on my cg portfolio as soon as it’s done. Hope to see more great work from you too! Love your art!

Axel -

Hey my friend it’s so nice to have you back! It’s my pleasure buddy, can’t wait to work on another challenge together… I hope the brushes will work nice for you, I’m glad you liked them, more so that you gave them a try! I’ve got great support from you all, and I’m really happy if I could give some of it back! Thank you for your kind words!


I was silently checking your progress of this and now its time for lil note. Your entry is just one in my taste. Like color scheme and dirty fun of it. Technical skills are top class. Great proffesional entry you made mate! Good luck…


Hi Jeff,

Ditto on Axel comments. Thanks, :arteest:


Oweron -

Hey man I’m honored by your reply! thanks a lot for the sincere feedback, it’s most appreciated. I’m glad to find another artist who shares the need for that glitch, the dirt in his works. Waiting to see more from you, thanks!!!

Korendo -

Hey pal what’s up! I’m glad the brushes are worthy of your interest. Great to have you here as always, thanks for the visit!

Man it’s getting stressful out here, I wonder when will the results be announced… :smiley:


Hey Jeff, really great brushes! and really thanks for share with us!! (for sure a great addition for my PS brushes :smiley: ) Cheers my friend!! You rock! :beer:


Hi Jeff,

Thanks for all you help and encouragement. The brushes are very cool. Never expected so many, thought you would just post one or two. You have been done for a long time so the wait must really be intense. It would be interesting to see the selection criterion instrument CGS is using for this contest. I guess we wait while doing other stuff and try to avoid the green mist. Ralph


HI jeff!Congratz on finishing a great pic man.Really made ma ronfll!!!Wish you the best of luck and hope well meet again next time!Cheers!


Hey guys thank you very much for all your comments. I appreciate you stopping by. I’m so happy that the brushes are working for you.

Korendo - As far as I read since the beginning of the challenge, story is the most important, and technical skills being the secondary criteria.

Man! It’s awfully quiet in here… Hello ello ello ello lo lo o o o o o o


hhehehe gr8 man… congrats on a hilarious finish!! I love this image! and a guy farting green gas and riding on a bird… daymn thats strange!!