Strange Behavior (Illustration) Entry: Yusuf Trevez


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Latest Update: Final Image: HUMAN NATURE


I said here is the subject that will push me to join. This is my first CG talk challenge, I’m hoping to complete a decent piece, it will be a great learning experience for me, plus the fun of playing the game with open cards…

It’s great to work with extremely talented artists, I’m very excited for this journey.

Good luck to everybody!


Hello, this is my introductory sketch that I’ve made a few months ago. I’ll make another concept sketch soon to set up the actual scene. As the image progresses, we will be discovering the cultural and universal absurduties, and the necessary connections of it to our topic. My story takes place in a Turkish bath or “Hamam”…


Basic color, light, and pose study. Sloppily put together in 2 layers in Photoshop.




I’ve decided to take Dr Mark Snoswell’s suggestion and globalize my concept more. Also because I’ve recieved no replies for my previous concept.

The new concept is about consumption, and/or ignorant consumption.

I’ll try to develop my concept on two legs: One is the natural consumption of all species in order to stay alive; the other is the ignorant consumption related to mankind’s biggest achivement, technology, in order to go forward.

The “Man” in my sketch is smelling a beautiful flower in joy, while he is turning all that pleasure and refreshing scent into destructive, ugly, green fart. The following birds, and other animals around are suffering in disgust. He is also riding on one of those birds to symbolize how much we rely on animals to go forward as a society throughout the history. The other birds and the sunny day that are being polluted behind him symbolize the sublime pleasures we get when we observe nature. The man is wearing a tool belt that represents the technology we take pride in. His eyes are closed to symbolize our ignorance at times of pleasure and consumption. The flower symbolizes the natural resources we and our machines need to operate, and the fart symbolizes waste.

I got the idea while brainstorming on how to represent an automobile. I used a character from my sketchbook and put him in a different pose. It needs some more time and thinking to take its final form I guess. I’m open to any kind of c&c about the concept and the drawing. I’m hoping to get a couple of replies this time, since I’m indecisive on some parts, and could use some help…
Thanks to all…


Interesting concept . . . not as obvious as other entries.

Your challenge here will be to bring the symbolism to a conscious level while playing down the vulgarity of the fart. If the fart is done the wrong way then the piece will just come off crude and all thought behind the piece will be lost on most (maybe that’s the point :wink: )

I like the lineart but the man’s face doesn’t seem to completely fit.

Overall the piece could benefit from a slight zoom to give impact. I want to see the gagging bird’s head a little larger and more detail of the man. Might also help if there is other destructive behavior going on in the background maybe in the far distance.

i don’t see any technology in this piece though and his toolbelt seems slightly out of place.

I do like the setting of the turkish bath but teh behavior doesn’t make a lot of sense to me . . . maybe different poses or actions.

Good luck :smiley:

Edit- Maybe even just a shift in a few things to show the greenery in front of him while everything behind is brown and wilted.


I really appreciate all your comments. You’ve mentioned pretty much all issues I was thinking about.

I’m totally with you on playing down the vulgarity of the fart here. I fell like it should have an elegance, while looking destructive at the same time. I agree about the bird on foreground, I feel like overall I need to create a little more depth. I’ll think about the man’s face, I can see what you mean.

The way I got to the tool belt was this: Tecnology in its essence is derived from mankind’s ability to make tools, and to use them for its benefit. Which is probably why we’re on top of the food chain. Each and every single machinery we have today started to take shape by the simplest of tools like hammer and knife. I thought some electronic machinery wouldn’t fit in the piece, since my first goal is to represent all of that with more organic elements.

The level of destruction I want to show is really the biggest question on my mind right now. Too much destruction might make the man seem like he has too much control over his environment. I feel like this would be undermining natures ability to sneeze us out of its system. After all, if nature is the question, it’ll probably keep on being there even after we’d gone. Enough pessimism :slight_smile:

Thank you again for your c&c That’ll give me the boost I need

Btw I’ll finish the Turkish Bath since it was an old plan. I know the first images weren’t much, here’s the latest progress on that, if interested…


Here is the revised version of line art, with some lighting starting. Eclipse’s suggestions helped a lot, could always use some more, c&c are most welcome…


Here is the first color pass. All c+c are greatly appreciated…


Hey is your concept high!.. at first glance i though the picture was funny as hell, but it’s really deep what you are implying here. You are doing great to this point… what i can tell you is that maybe you should make the sky a little darker and ugly at the right side where pollution is spreading, as it is reaching farter than it seems, that way you would also put a subtle element in that space of your compsition.
Keep the good work, i really like it!:smiley:


Hey I appreciate all your comments, really. You’ve really pumped me up now I gotta go and make that coffee.
I was actually just working on that part of the sky right now, you’re absolutely right. I’m actually thinking about burning some of that forest on the right side, with some dark smoke coming out too. The dissolving faint part of the fart will pop out more against a darker bg I think. Thanks again, it means a lot!


Here is more paint, and some details taking shape. I’m having a great time doing this. C&C is most appreciated, especially in lighting and BG… I’m thinking about adding a few feathers here and there. Once you pop, you can’t stop!


It’s great to see the close-up details - your illustration style is superb. I love your use of colour too. I also like SteevieWoo’s idea of storms and environmental degradation taking place in the right-hand side of the illustration - I’m sure that will make the message much clearer. I suppose my only question is how you plan to pace this - you’re making some very impressive progress and there’s still so much time to go


mdavid what can I say. it’s even better to hear all that from someone that has a great style like you man, i appreciate all your comments, they keep me going in this challenge.

I actually started to burn some of that forest on the right, but then I thought it almost took away from the fart’s effect on the birds a little. I’ll post that image too, to get you guys’ opinion

I’m supposed to be cutting a new reel and looking for a job now, actually :slight_smile: Though I’m really into this now so i keep putting that off, i think I want to get into all the details i can with this, trying not to ruin with too much and keeping the composition not too busy. I tried a depth of field effect with the background, which looked kind of cool too, though that would be the easy way out :slight_smile:

again, thanks man, means a lot


Sorry for not replying sooner . . . I was working on my entry for exotique 3 . . . anywho . . .

It’s looking great and that sky is fantastic. As for lighting and shading:

[li]I think he needs a bit more shadow just under his right knee to bring out the form and show the direction of the light.[/li][li]His right ankle needs something to show where it bends. If lighting means it is brightly lit like that then maybe a bracelet will help define its form.[/li][li]You have a high shine off his right thigh but his back or right shoulder and right hand is actually closer to the sun and should have a similar sheen.[/li][li]The left part of his back along his ribcage might need a bit more shadow since it rolls away from the sun.[/li][li]I do think for your message to be a little more powerful there should be some residual effects of his flatulence.[/li][/ol]Just some thoughts to try. Btw- Are you using painter? If so what brushes are you using?


man ,just wanna say that its very strange indeed:)ur right on path!:scream:keep it coming


i’m so in love with ur concept style! :eek: :love: colourful … funny … crazy to be exact! :smiley: and very very stylistic! :applause: u rock! :buttrock:

waiting to c more from u!

good luck to u! :thumbsup:


I’m honored to get such positive feedback from such accomplised artists. I really really appreciate your interest in my piece. Feels good to make some friends here at last…

Eclipse, as usual you’ve pressed all the key issues that were in my head with your sharp eye. All of your lighting suggestions were right to the point, I’ll try them all actually. and, will post a new image as soon as I have some presentable damage on the right side of the painting. Thanks again for all your comments, keep them coming, they are fine tuning this piece!

And MichaelZHsee, and nwiz25, thank you very much guys, your comments gave me an incredible boost of confidence, just like the boost in the picture :slight_smile: Again, thank you, it means a lot…



I’m using photoshop, for the shading I used the calligraphy brush, playing with its presets a bit, for the lines I’m using a pencil looking brush I’ve created, other than those I used the regular round brush with just a little bit of feather. I’m also making some feathered masks and playing with the brightness on parts of the body to achive better lighting…