Strange Behavior (Illustration) Entry: yaroslav Kravchenko


i wasnt happy with the saturation at all when i picked up to work on the image yesterday, so went in and redrew allot of the dull gray areas to make them brighter and more saturated.

also decided to change the composition a bit. i wanted the spore creatures to be a bit more active. so i am probably going to have them attacking on the of testicles from the hunter guy.

i love this renewed vigor. and more importantly i am happy i can draw once more!


Good call on the saturation. It brings the foreground to the fore, and makes the exquisite background all the more moody.

Your picture does seem to have more energy now.

I hope you can finish in the remaining days.


Good to see you’re here again Slav! I hope your hand is doing fine! Now, this is when you pull a ‘sport-movie-style-last-minute-comeback’ and take the gold!!

Cheers my friend!


Korendo: thanks for droppin in and sharing your kind words.

Ordibble P. Lop: yea you dont say. i hope i will finish as well. ill probably be working on it tonight and tomorrow and if i have time for the rest of the week. crosses fingers.

SteevieWoo: hehe psh i doubt i will win anything but i try to make something good none the less. seriously thanks for droppin in mate.


This one is going great I can see. Like the creatures, colors and composition.
Rock on - do finish - and good luck!


Heyyyy, slav is back!!! the hand is back!

run little spore run run run…


coolkonrad: thanks bud for the kind words and all.

Jeffparadox: sh*t man you dont say! its been too long and now i gotta scramble.

cant seem to get to the page for the updates. i hope it will be back online soon.


filling in and defining more of the overall image. just thought i would get an update going for the end of the day.


yeah man this is it! New contrasts you’ve added is turning into an awesome landscape. It looks richer now, loving all the colors, keep it up dude!


yea i still have to do a bunch of work but i think i can manage. ill come home early tomorrow and junk. ill keep my fingers crossed hopefully nothing will go wrong.


latest update. thats that for tonight. my head hurts too much to write anything more significant.


Hi Slav

Thanks for your recent encouragement. Your work is looking great - certainly strange but beautiful too. I really love the background - it’ll be good to see it with all the foreground elements complete which looks like it shouldn’t take you too much longer. I hope your head’s feeling better. Good luck over the next few days.



Hi Slav, wow wellcome back! good to see you here …looks great! love the colors and the mood , the mushrom its so pretty! hehe!:thumbsup: The light source its great in the BG… heads up! you are doing great!


HI Slav!!Hope you’ll take this through the finish line!Love it.Great original work!Good luck buddy!:beer:


Keep it coming Slav!!!


pretty much done at this point. a few areas still need work but that’s for tomorrow when i will upload the final image and the story. :slight_smile:


L8n: thanks, i been pulling at least 10-12 hours a day on the computer over the last 2/3 days but Monday i can rest. so i can pull through i think.

AxelAlonso: thanks todays the day!

OKMER: thanks a lot ill be working all of today. if nothing goes wrong it should be done with a story for me to post tonight.

SideAche: thanks for the encouraging words! ill sure as hell try.


Congratulations Slav! Very nice to see this concept’s final. You know how I liked the concept.
Best of luck! cheers!


Congratulations Slav! :D:thumbsup::arteest:Those spores are sooo nicely done…the world you have created its fantastic! the colors, and composition volume, are very special and full of life! I will wait for your ideas in writen haha! Great work! :applause:


ashiataka, AxelAlonso sorry guys i think it was the late last night that was doing the uploading. i have the final image on the way. ill prolly work on it for a half an hour and then upload the actual final image. :slight_smile: