Strange Behavior (Illustration) Entry: yaroslav Kravchenko


This is looking fantastic, I so much love those mushroom fungus trees, well its just that they have a very appealing shape. And the colors wow! Love them I know they still have more to go from you. As for the characters well the design was so good I still can see that in the shapes since its all block out but I agree with George about a back source light for the villain. But the developing of the composition its going great!:thumbsup:


digital-bobert: thanks bobby! i hope San Diego was fun with lost of goodness that became of it.

Axelalonso: thanks you very kindly for your kind words ill defiantly work something out for the bad guy. i haven’t really sat down to do anything yet but it’ll come. it will defiantly come.


wow nice!
I’m really busy with my crap 15 hours/day daily job so a long time since I checked this
coming along really sweet


getting closer still.

i been really busy trying to get my head around what i am going to do for the next year. how i am going to pay for school. ect. so i just had a few hours to work on this piece today. its more of the same, added detail + contrast. working on the major forms.


Hi Slav, everything looks really good, some details and the contrast bring the image to light. Colours, lighting are all well done.
Keep going on!
( By the way hope everything would be well in your life as how you want. ) :thumbsup:
See you!


Agostinuke: well you cant say that being busy is a bad thing :stuck_out_tongue: thanks for droppin in mate.

ashiataka: thanks! but only time will tell. ill try to finish this thing before the months end. thanks for your kind words.


Hi Slav,

I really really like how your background is done!:thumbsup:…I feel that it invites me and wants to wander inside that mushroom jungle!..I know theres still a lot of works to be done on the characters, so ill stay tuned. see you around my friend…:slight_smile:






dark horizon vs light horizon


idyeaah thanks man. ill work on it this week more i finally got the courage to just paint over everything i did and this is the product of that courage.


Hey Slav, I really liked the atmosphere that you obtained in your scene!! its great !! :thumbsup:
I think the light horizon it gives a bit more depth to the scene, but both are great for me. :slight_smile: Looking forward for more updates ! :beer:


I’d say Light! more contrast with the opposite side:shrug:

Lookin’ good…:cool:


Go with the light. More contrast in the main character might help with the comp a little more. Try to apply a different hue within the character that is different from the background, maybe, to see how you can get that focus right there. Good stuff slav, I like the color choices.:thumbsup:


I’d say light too… looking a lot better now…


Hi Slav,
I’d say light as well since it add more atmosphere , and it guives more negative space to your characters:)…this is going so well! Great mushroomy fantastic!:thumbsup:


hey buddy, are we gonna see how this story ends? hope we will. hungry for progress…


hey bro! really like your new update! :bounce: the light horizon works well! :stuck_out_tongue:
waiting for more! :wink: cheers bro! :beer:


i am sorta typing with one hand here… but i broke my drawin arm 5 years ago and suddenly about 2 weeks ago it decided to shift. so i been in therapy for a bit. ill start working on it again soon.


really sorry about your arm dude :frowning: hope you get well soon :frowning: take care!


thanks man but its no big deal it feels like when your leg falls asleep for a bit. only in this case its my hand and instead of a while its a few days. its still a bit numb but its getting better each day.


Hi Slav,

The atmosphere in your work is great as are the mushrooms. Hope your hand is getting better and best of luck.