Strange Behavior (Illustration) Entry: yaroslav Kravchenko


I like the colors so far. Especially inthe upper right hand corner. Great deaph. That piece of wood in the forground is a bit distracting at the moment. Maybe you have grander plans for it?


Hey i really like the concept. Its very original. I like the rockman, its a very nice concept. One thing that bothers me a bit, is the fact that his foot looks to organic. I cant wait till you finished off


Weird, beatiful and subtile, all in one package, great concept my friend


Hi Slav,

I really dig the water color effect on your far right background. Throw some more contrasts on your main subject and Im sure this one is up for something good!

Good luck and keep up the RAGE!:twisted:





wicked choice of colours buddy! :eek: :scream: :thumbsup: my fav! :love:


Hi there!

Absolutelly fantastic drawings, sense of texture and color.
But I have to agree with icedeyes, I liked the first framing a lot more.
The first time I saw it I reacted WOW and the same is not happening with the new framing.

Best of Luck,



bringing out the contrast slowly, and just randomly tightening up the whole thing.


yeah man… just kleep doing what ur doing… might i suggesr you use more atmospheric perspective … that might look a make this miniture world look vast and also concentrate out eye on the main chracters and point of action. other than that i love it… you ahve a vast array of colours but its working, and should all harmonise as you progress.


While I feel an awful lot seems to be going on in the image, your contrasting work with the colouring is helping to punch out the focus points. I am not sure I like the stick in the middle foreground - it pulls my eye too much.

Having said that, I love the concept and the flow of the image. Nice work. Looking forward to further updates.


I gotta say that I love your update buddy. There is so much going on but all have a harmony, even at this early stage.

I agree Lync about the stick in the FG, I think it could be tilted right, and/or be shorter instead. Now it looks like the creature is about to fall on it a little bit. The warm BG on the upper right corner, ah man, looks great! I love that effect, and I can’t wait to see it continue all the way to the left while turning into green/blue color.

I think you have a great sense of color, that allows you to use many of them harmoniously in the same scene. Moreover, I see different textures on different shapes and colors, which makes the sketch look very rich, even at this stage! I’d like to know how many different brushes you used to get that effect? 2, 3, 5?

Keep it up my friend, lovely image…


I’like too much your style in drawing and colouring. Very very good.


looking really great Slav… It seems a lit better now but i have to agree on the stick and also wanted to know what is that square boulder on the side… Finally, one advice on the bad guy… He needs a clearer outline imho because now he just blend too much into the bg… maybe a backlight?

keep it up


Hi Slav,
Thanks for visiting my thread, I must say that I really like the concept also the colours too. The concept and the characters remind me the animated movie master Hayao Miyazaki’s nature concepts and related creature designs. Having the similar line of vision is wonderful I think. Therefore your scene gets my attention and I liked it. I’m following to see where it goes as good as how it comes till now.


Oh brigther!! !!

That blueish (i hope that’s spelled right) reflexion on the arm is so nice, i love these colors, too bad they’re damn hard to get right in print, but i see you don’t let that put you down!
Looking really Good!!:thumbsup:


Hi Slav

Nice to see U again :thumbsup:
Spore concept sketch… :bounce: waiting for more :bounce:
good luck


still a long way till everything is just right… but here’s what i got so far.


Yep indeed looking really great Slav!:bounce:
Love those colors.Somehow as the bad guy colors seems quit simular as those used on the background it seems indeed he blends into the background a bit too much,which make it a bit hard to read the pic.
What’s that light bleu line just behind him?
Those mushroom’s rocks!!Impossible to use these colors without eating some of them:D:D:D
Me want more:D


I’ve been missing the progress on this thread and I’m amazed at how it’s looking. This is fantastic stuff mate!


SteevieWoo: Thanks mate. seriously its been kind of crazy here, and i am just trying to get some stuff in order. printing is always a pain in the butt. i hope they do a good job on this one. i really like the way its going.

icedeyes: hehe yea i completely agree. but even if i dont like the idea i usually give it a try anyway sometimes its better to see it drawn out then imagined. about the bad guy, yea ill think of something i hope i been trying out diffrent things for the huge thing, i am not sure myself what it is, behind him ill defiantly do something to light him up a bit more.

GumboYaYa: thanks for droppin by, yea ill be working on that and the colors for now on. so stay tuned i guess :slight_smile:

W-I-L: Yea i still need write the story bit, ok so vaguely the rock usually is the strong guy protects these guy from harm, i mean look at em, they are fuzzy and helpless… or are they? this time around they are protecting him! :stuck_out_tongue:

Dissipation: Ill keep working on those pillar, you’re right, they arnt sitting right with me. it needs something up at the front though.

crapple: i decided to go with something else. i have not started defining his feet yet, but he is going to have fugal feet, and he’s going to have stuff growing out of them. i hope it will be interesting when i get started on it.

Zeoyn: thanks for dropping in, well i hope you change your mind about it. ill do my best to make this just as good. :slight_smile:

bandro: thanks you kindly for your very kind words! :slight_smile:

idyeaah: hehe thanks man i hope i fixed that. gonna be working on the character’s colors and lighting now.

nwiz25: thanks, hehe i cant really say much else to that. i am not worthy.

Lync: ill try to dull it down or darken it out of view. i donno yet. maybe just get rid of it all together and put something else in its place. but yea much appreciated thanks for the advice.

Jeffparadox: thanks for the support buddy. i am trying to work everything out right now, as for the brushes, i guess it all depends on the surface and material and effect i am trying to get. right now i think i have a nice 30 custom brush set. i dont think i even use the defult brushes anymore. maybe the hardround brush but i think i made my own version of that one too. XD

neurolinked: thanks allot! thanks for droppin in and taking the time to check my thread out.

ashiataka: wow, never expected to be compared to him. his work blows my mind. i dont get to watch his work too often but i am often inspired by fantasy. and his world is a marvel.

PSych: hey, like wise. nice to have you here. thanks for dropping by.

OKMER: those blue lines are the tentacles coming from the spore hunter i didnt work on them yet because i am not sure what color he is going to be. ill try to make him look translucent so he will be kind of blending in but he will have a really nice outer glow.

mdavid: i am glad you keep coming back mate. thanks for taking the time!

OH MAN! ok i was falling behind on the replies. but never fear! i went through each and every one of you all. ill be experimenting with diffrent translucency effects for the hunter. so i donno how far ill get working on this pic but maybe ill have something cool to show in a bit.


Great funky stuff! looking very cool