Strange Behavior (Illustration) Entry: yaroslav Kravchenko


The Spore Character is really great :thumbsup: and all the sketches. I liked your composition and basic colours. :slight_smile:


if you are thinking of switching the framing to something this tight, i would advise against it… i love the previous composition because it give a great sence of space while this feels claustophobic at best… just some suggestions…


Updates, please…I want to see where you go with this!


Hi Slav,
For some reason I like more the other composition, maybe because was more dynamic and the depth of the behavior was a bit, better framed along with the bg, but since I haven’t seen yet the hole thing, I could be very wrong! And the choice of colors looks good!..waiting to see were you take your wonderful spore world! :scream:


well this works much better for me. i got rid of the huge eye grabbing mushroom the characters are now the main focus.


I love the way this is looking, all the life in the environment. I can’t wait until you get to the point where you start painting :slight_smile:


this sketch is looking great Slav… I just miss the sence of space that the other composition gave me… this update looks much much better with al the elements in place… i am sure you will make it work… keep it up


coming along well buddy.Keep up the good work:thumbsup:


I actually rather liked the eyegrabbing mushroom- you could use it as the apex of a triangular composition, maybe with a sign pointing the way on it? It gave the whole thing a great sense of perspective, although I must admit this one helps you to focus more on the characters. Maybe something in between? I love your sketches- what do you use? It looks like a 2B and 4B on 150lb watercolor paper. :smiley: Go slav, go slav!


looking great already! Love your character sketches. The one in the bottom right caught my eye. I’ll be watching for what you finish up with- best of luck to you!


superb drawings! I guess, some more depth in your images can enhance the readability. But I am sure, you know that yourself… :slight_smile:
keep it up!


Wow! The movement and colors… Bravo! I will have an eye on the process. Good Luck!


well i got some rage in me now. if art was a fighting style i would be using berzerk right now.

i love the way this thing turned out and i am going to stick with it.


well since i made a double post i guess ill use this one to reply to all you guys and gals.

Ivy00: well there you go. haha i started to put some color on it.

icedeyes: thanks bud. i hope so too. i really do. i would be very sad if i messed this one up. its turning into quite the personal piece too.

CUBISIS: thanks man. ill do my best.

paperclip: yea i know the mushroom was cool, but i think the color is what draws you in more. in the black and white is was dominating to the point where it just made all other elements 2ndry that’s why i took it out. i have to thank you too because this sketch, despite the fact that i like it, is not the best b/w rendering. i drew it mostly so that i can scan it into the computer. so i made it kind of gray and kept the texture of the pencil to work digitally. na its not i dont use anything other then HB or B but it doesnt have a bit of primacolor black in there as well. and the paper is translucent marker paper because i like to redraw stuff allot XD

littleac: thanks, i was hoping for the character to be interesting and to have them catch your eye is all i could ask for.

Hideyoshi: thanks it means allot comming from you. yea i do, just something i choose to ignor atm, so i can bring out the texture of the pencil a bit more.

Nemesix: thanks for dropping in and sharing your support!


the colors work very nicely to enhance the image… Its a great update Slav… Since this is a personal piece that you seem to love, i will support you in your decision to change the framing and composition since you know best how you want to evolve this… cent wait to see what you have in hold for us… keep it up


HEY personal or not dont stop the crits! those help me make the image not only for myself but for others too.


Thanks for the comment, Yes i’ve been following walrus piece because of that, He rocks!!:buttrock:

Naaa, this is your thread so let me tell you that you rock too!!:buttrock::buttrock:That and also let me tell you i can relate to the one you’re doing and the kind of bright light you’re using, I’m into that kind of scenes too… and will be following your advances closely.

MAN!! Mushrooms are the best!!:buttrock:


Dont worry Slav… the critique will keep coming… its just that i undestand when someone wants to push his artwork one way and maybe others dont see his vision as clearly… i might imagine it one way while you might want to give it another direction… that doesn’t give me something to critique, it just feels different from what i originally expected… I will wait for an update so i can comment some more… keep it up


Awesome mood! I love the strangeness of your setting.
In my opinion the image lacks a bit of contrast and saturation though. But hey … you know your way … walk on!


nice change… cant wait to see more. i feel a bit dumb but what exactly is the idea?a rck stealing a spore? i have been looking at your thread but cant seem t see te idea explained.