Strange Behavior (Illustration) Entry: yaroslav Kravchenko


Yep!Indeed nice colors!!!Maybe I’ll just drop down a bit the contrasts in the background to put in even more depth!Gogogo mate!LOLL


wow slav,looking really nice now,i like the colors u put in the scene:)damn i wish to start it off soon,cant wait,u guys are way ahead now:scream:


I am really curious to see how the color pallete is going to look like.Speccially the tones of yellow and green!Good luck!


i really have a strange obsession with pink and peach colors, i have no idea why. not to say that they are taboo but they seem odd especially when used with green, or at least i think it seems that way.

any who just a progress update i am cautious not to mess this up. ill try to make my best image yet. i see some obvious things i need to fix right now but those will be taken care of later in the process of detailing. :slight_smile:


beelow, haha thanks bee!

icedeyes, yea that helps a bit, right now i am just working on a circular composition, so the eye will just go around and around. :slight_smile: lets hope i can fix the forground i am still not 100% sure if there is going to be rubble grass or just something i have yet to think up.

W-I-L i donno i hope that will get fixed with time, but i honestly have to say i have no idea what you mean by what you said.

paperclip, thank ya, ill prolly make the evil spore hunter kind of translucent closer to his chest vs his limbs that are going to be less so, but i tottaly agree with the toning down bit, its just i usually just slap a relatively saturated bright color because when i sample the colors get progressively duller and darker (because of the pencil multiply layer over top it)


MichaelZHsee mate none sense. you know you gonna rock this thing when you get started. you still gots like 4 months that’s plenty of time to pump out another master piece. eh? eh? wink wink hint hint. :stuck_out_tongue:

DougFerreira, i have to agree, i am kind of curious to see how this turns out as well. :slight_smile:


the forms in the back are more clearly defined now… keep it up


thanks mate. still a bunch of work to do though. will get some done tonight so i hope i can make with another better update.


Yaroslav! Nice work, nice colors… keep it up


hi slav… duno why that was confusing… i said i like your composition and colour choice…i hadnt read your idea and wasnt sure what the idea was.


the mushrooms are looking fantastic! But I think its a bit hard to understand whats happening in the picture.


This is a great idea, it’s very different and clever. Your concept sketch tells a great story, can’t wait to see it evolve :slight_smile:


The mushroom top left is great, something about the perspective and the colours, spot on. I’ll watch with interest to see how it works out.


Hi Slav,

I like a lot the characters, and the circle compositions gives a nice atmosphere to the organic world you are presenting here as also the dynamism in the action.

The little fur guy its awesome, and the big guy, (don’ now their names yet) that its carrying in him, make a nice contrast on body weight and texture, I also like a lot the guy from were they are running from, I like white contrasts for devilish guys.

But it is my humble opinion that I can’t see yet, if the composition it’s helping at the moment to se what’s the strange behavior its going to be. But I also believe that, there’s more to see yet once the colors are better found.

The color palette looks fine only maybe use a bit more of pinks over greens, and tone down a bit the yellows of the main character wit some violets, off curse the BG its more coming out but I bet its because it’s a larger scale of volume on contrast and shapes for the moment so you have to make color desitions for atmosphere,before going to the characters

By the way! Thanks for the support!


If you’re here then maybe i should try and enter as well. Goodluck bro!!!
This better be a good one or else… heehee



imperioli: thanks for droppin in and sharing your support!

W-I-L: dont worry about it i go through moment, like that one, where i just get things… that and it was probably just me just getting outta bed.

Essen: well i yea. i still need to make a final story and a whole image only exists in my head at the moment, it will get more clear with future updates i promise! :slight_smile:

M477: thanks there are a few things i still need to try but i am really happy with how it reads to others. ill get some updates soon!

BaronImpossible: thanks, i am a bit worried about the foreground though some problems are starting to surface and hopefully i can find a good solution.

AxelAlonso: hey thanks for your support, i think the majority of the behavior is going to come from the underlaying story its something that i see people do everyday but i find it weird. i am sure its something i stand alone by but never the less its a mere perspective that one can see the world around him/her self.

as for the colors, hold your horses, i am not there yet :slight_smile: its just flat color at the moment ill get around to it soon. and the atmosphere is something i do last becasue it obscures details. its mostly but that’s getting in to work flow. don’t worry i got this just sit back and enjoy the ride ill cook up something good, i hope.

Archie! haha you are late foo! where’s your thread at i am gonna go comment.


Dear Slav, thank you for your comment on my post…you were the 1st! Please, allow me to do the same in yours…

I like your characters, colors and the composition:thumbsup:, but, still, I cannot see what is strange in the behaviour of the poor rocky guy: he’s just hungry and there’s nothing strange in trying to find something to eat in the forest. Maybe there is a legal problem connected to the property of the mushroom, yeah…:shrug:But I’m sure your story will fix that!

Good luck with your work!:slight_smile:


I’m fascinated already Slav. Great stuff.


Looks great slav!! long time since last challenge, will keep watching this. :slight_smile:


Agostinuke: thanks man decent advice and i respect that i been working on the image redid the concept i just gotta render it out now and get it into PS for colors. thanks alot.

Nickillus, am7: thanks fellow arteests :stuck_out_tongue: thanks for the support.

on a diffrent note i had a problem with the fact that the mushroom over the rock guy’s head was grabbing way too much attention and i took a break from it and tried to push the sketch/concept a bit further with this latest one. i am still in the working stage as its not even penciled yet but i had some problems with my comp and had to fix that allong with dealing with some creative blockage. but yea i gave the main characters more focus and when i up it i hope you alls will have a better idea of where i am going with it.


was working on some things by no means is it done but its a sketch i used to get down the main idea. doing the line art right now. i am quite happy with the composition i think some minor things need to go but yea. that’s where it going.

edit spelling