Strange Behavior (Illustration) Entry: yaroslav Kravchenko


Hehe, indeed that’s MADNESS!Like the spore idea too.Great skethes!And like Schwarzy said…“I’ll be back”!:beer:


nice conceptwork, keep it up



thanks bobby although not quite as reputable as yourself. :slight_smile:

paulwdavidson, what can i say you honor me thanks. i shall bring forth the weird.

Cyberone, hehe like wise, like wise. :slight_smile:

mdavid, Terro, thanks he’s i am really happy with the characters this time around. but i had to work today so i didnt get much done, i am worn out and sleepy :expressionless:

okmer tell me about it i only wish i had his well ability to do stuff, he seems like a really motivated individual.

thanks squibbit! :slight_smile:

so yea i donno i am seeing stars atm, ill just up load todays done of crazy and get outta here, i hope you all will enjoy.

till tomorrow, slav.


rock color test


the detail from the scribble the other day.


Great concept and sketches dude.


Hello, good starting with the last sketch, glad to re-examine you.
Good luck :cool:


Sonic-x & Tranchefeux, thanks for droppin by! and the support! ill get to work now.

i am not sure what i am doing to decide with in terms of color, but i guess ill have to sit down right now i think greenish yellow browns in the fron and as the image fades more teal blue violet, i want this to be vibrant.

i am not sure about if this should be day or night though, its kinda been buggin me but no matter hopefully if i am not all pooped out i’ll fix it when i come home from work. also the background needs to be resolved i dont think ill be using the a stright sky, maybe something blurry who knows, any whoo i shall return with more goodies another time. :slight_smile:


hello Slav ,
Crowned drawing that you proposes to us,
I will follow all that of near :wink:


I like the spores idea. Great pencil skills there. :slight_smile:


Good sketching. Your spore sketch will be probably better than my final work :slight_smile:


hehe cool, anything with long legged fury things (either that or pigs) has to be good :smiley:

very nice drawings too


yo bro! :stuck_out_tongue: :scream: great to c u once again! :bounce: fantasmic concept! :eek: really love the details already! :love: good luck dude! :thumbsup: have fun! :smiley:


tranchefeux thanks 2x :stuck_out_tongue:

vahn thanks for dropping in and sharing your thoughts

renttu hehe i am sure it wont but i hope you do well none the less.

flyingp hells yea, dont forget squid. they are kind of cool too, at least i like them. but yes to the furry long legged pigs. :stuck_out_tongue:

nev thanks allot buddy, ill do my best to make it come to life with color in the next week’s time. hold on to your socks. :slight_smile:

oh man, damn, would of been a perfect night! nr43 ruined it! i almost had the whole 1st page filled with posts by me!


well that’s amazing. the HD gave out on me and i been trying to get it to work so i can get my stuff off it till 5 am yesterday. and i have to leave for work in an hour. but never the less i will prevail. i have the next week off, so ill probably advance the image allot more so then i did till now. that and i didnt post in a bit so i felt like blabbering about something other then “gee thanks for props” but then again who know… ok ill go before i start ranting more.

cheers slav.


i tried my best to recreate the colors of the old picture i had from 2 days ago. ill keep working more on this tomorrow. but here you are, colors.


Welcome back Yaroslav! Nice colors so far! Good luck!:thumbsup:


very nice colors thus far but too close (like on the color wheel)… they dont seem to drive my eye somewhere right now… i seem to be focussed on the foreground but not sure what i am supposed to look at… hope this helps… keep it up…

Have fun,


nice comp and colours… i havent read the idea. and am unsure of what t is though just by looking ta it so far


I love the colours you’ve chosen, particularly for the mushoom. I’d tone the monster down a bit though, it’s a bit too bright for the overall painting!
Keep going slav, you’re doing reeeally well…:thumbsup;