Strange Behavior (Illustration) Entry: yaroslav Kravchenko


Congratulations Slav! :D:thumbsup::arteest:Those spores are sooo nicely done…the world you have created its fantastic! the colors, and composition volume, are very special and full of life! I will wait for your ideas in writen haha! Great work! :applause:


ashiataka, AxelAlonso sorry guys i think it was the late last night that was doing the uploading. i have the final image on the way. ill prolly work on it for a half an hour and then upload the actual final image. :slight_smile:


hehe 33 hours to go Slav!That should do it!Looks great man!Love it(I know, I’m repeating myself there, but the right part of my brain just broke down)…hoppa one coffee!gogo :beer:


After fiddling with the image for the last few days I decided to call it done. I hope you guys enjoy it as much as I did making it.

Ordibble P. Lop

I just wanted to say thanks to all you guys, for encouraging me and giving tips and crits.
Goro Fujita, Blaz Porenta, Michael Dashow, Bobby Chiu These guys really kept me going, right through artists block and everything. They are a great inspiration.

I guess I should give some credit to Jacquie Jeanes. She’s more of a behind the scenes kind of gal.

SPORE: A Documentary of “A Wild out of Wack!”

At a staggering 22 queefles in height the Roccaii of the Northern Grasslands is an impressive beast. The Roccaii is a keen predator, and an eager opportunist always searching for a meal and eating with a gluttonous appetite that remains unrivaled in all of nature. An omnivore, it will eat anything from plants and fruit, but prefers the taste of meat when it is available. Despite it’s poor eyesight the Roccaii is a formidable predator; it’s extremely sensitive sense of smell and acute hearing more than compensate.

Despite its predatory nature, the Roccaii has managed to form one of nature’s most spectacular symbiotic relationships. The Roccaii serves as stony protector to the fluffy and timid Sporus species (more commonly known as Spores). This behavior is due to a very important fungus that grows from the Roccaii’s many cracks and crevices. Scientists have yet to identify the origins of this fungus, but it appears to plague all of the Roccaii. The fungus is only kept from devouring the Roccaii (subsequently splitting it into many pieces) by the Spores tender care. They prune rigorously and use it in their courtship ceremonies and later as food for their young. A single Roccaii may support a colony of as many as 50 Spores.

The Roccaii are characterized with an unflinching loyalty to the Spores. They are courageous and as solid as a
a rock. Thus it is certainly unfathomable behavior indeed that is depicted above. One can only speculate on the cause of the Roccaii’s cowardice and the sudden bravery of the usually passive, plant-eating Spores. Though it is quite common for the Spores to be under attack (in this particular case from the species Tenticlium, a forest lurker who lashes out from the shadows to trap his prey) it is most uncommon for them to defend themselves. Perhaps it is some instinctive process; perhaps it is a breakdown in the symbiosis between the Roccaii and the Spores. Regardless of what it is, it is almost without a doubt very, very strange behavior.


Excellent finish! You’ve produced a wonderful image, full of interest and depth and colour. I love the way you paint nature: plants and soil and the complex play of light and shadows. I like your story that goes with it too.

It’s getting mighty hard to guess who’s going to win this challenge - I guess it always is, but yours is another strong entry. Good luck with the voting


mdavid,thanks man! i tried my best and hopefully it will show.


hey man! This developed real nice!
I really like the background with those sweet colors. Mushromes are dope (eherm…:P)!
Good work on the depth also! Well done, buddy!


badum chee… nice pun. XD thanks allot man i am really glad it didnt get desaturated :scream:


Hey slav, It was just a week ago or so that I was wondering where you were and if you’d make it for the end and now I’m glad to see you did just in time and then some more…

Nice, really nice documental, I enjoyed it a lot, is really strange how so different creatures go symbiotic but is even stranger how you depicted them in the moment of reversing the roles, I have to say I was a little confused with it until now … those little spores show some guts every now and then, i guess… :smiley:

As I said a lot of time before, your background colors just blow my head, they’re so rich, and those mushrooms look really big! the sense of depth is great too.

so thanks for the geology/botanic/zoology-all-mixed-together lesion, this beats the discovery channel!


Great entry Slav, I totally agree with Mdavid about your impressionist skills. Such a lovely environment, and a circus of colors and textures. I like your story too, and wish you the best of luck in the judging system.

I’m glad you could finish this piece, would be a shame :smiley:


SteevieWoo: if you only knew. thanks for the support, i was kind of worried i wasn’t going to make it there myself. even if it was for a little while. but i thankfully managed to break my streak of crappy unfinished paintings with this one. that space opera really bummed me out and what’s worse is that i really liked that image but didn’t get to finish. that kind of was my main motivation for this one, to hand something in that was done. and half way decent. btw I LOVE the discovery channel. LOVE IT!

Jeffparadox: thanks allot man. it was quite painful to finish but i was really worried about my wrist being one of the major factors that would of caused that. despite the fact that i am falling apart like an old man thankfully it wasn’t and i am all in one piece. with that said lets never discuss it again. and prey that the problem never resurfaces.


congratulations bro! :applause: damn! love that rocky work! the way you done the shadows,lighting and texture is really amazing! :eek: very crisp in fact! the entire environment works very well here! especially at the horizon! … there’s so much in your work! love it man! :love: good luck with the judging! :thumbsup: you rock! :buttrock:


Cosmic, a very unique world! Ditto on the positive comments on the plants, atmosphere, and textures. Great to read the cool original story behind this image, best of luck


The final result looks great :slight_smile: I like the colors you used and the perspective. Well done and good luck!


Hey Slav, amazing and wonderful image. I simply love the whole superb enviroment for your concept!! Puts a really fantastic and magic touch on the scene !! All the detail and textures are superb! And the story is really great!! :thumbsup:

Congratulations Slav for this awesome art work and good luck!! … And, for sure, time for beers!! and a bunch of tequila shots!! Cheers mate!! :beer:


Hi Slav, that’s a great history! Love the whole concept from the color, the shapes, the design, and the composition it’s all a very special art work form a great artist like you!:thumbsup: You made it in great scale! Congratulations!:applause:

Thanks so much for all the support! Best of luck in all your projects! Not that they need any, they are all very beautiful:arteest::cool:


HI Slav!Love the story and totaly madness in here and it aswell as in the pic!Great job man!Hope well meet up again next time and wish you the best man!Cheers:beer:


this picture is weird in a very good way, it creates the feeling of a strange parallel universe
very cool brushwork, I love the shroomies in the background


Gorgeous piece Slav. Congratulations on a fine finish.


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