Strange Behavior (Illustration) Entry: yaroslav Kravchenko


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Latest Update: Final Image: Spores: A wild out of wack!


YEA! GO GO EVERYONE! good luck in this amazing challenge.


HI Slav!’re in!.Wonder what kind a madness you’ll come up with.Have fun mate!:beer:


Good to see you in Slav, have fun buddy! :scream:


this thing kind of developed all by its loan some, initially i wanted to make something completely different but while in the process of sketching, the characters came to life on their own and i couldn’t resist, the ones i chose i liked most. but here is what i got.


and the character concepts to go allong with the other sketches.


I really like the middle character in the top row of your last post- it’s quite intriguing! What’s going on there?


The one that Paperclip mentioned is definitely my favorite of the bunch. I’d also like to echo the question.


I’d have to say my favorite is the furball one (assuming it was fur) Though perhaps that is because it is the most recognizable.


I love the furball with the stick legs too.


hehe i see you guys all made the connection with the characters, ok yea he is a fur ball, technically he is a spore but yea soft and bouncy ect ect, in contrast to him there is a huge rock guy 1st guy 2nd row in the characters. kind of like a dad or a parent figure. and the 2 guy 1st row witht he balls on his back is the evil guy that eats the spores (prolly cant tell but hint hint impaled spores on his back…)

i hope that clears up some of my babbling from before, yes? paperclip? swizzle?

geta-ve yea atm he is, but i made these generally as design guides prolly go in with color later before i start the final to give them more, whats the word? UMPHF! :stuck_out_tongue:

aj_23 thanks mate.


love the characters… great idea having the impaled spores on the back… great touch…


hehe why the rock protecting little small soft bouncy things?! ITS MADNESS, MADNESS I TELL YOU!


hallo :wavey:

great little caracters.

my favorites are the bottom row… cute and a bit silly, lovable creatures
and seems like they really try to think things out and how they works…


i am taking a chance on them yet again, but i really like the spore idea so i am gonna roll with it, win or loose. but yea thanks for droppin by to look makaron :slight_smile: come back soon now, YE HEAR!? :stuck_out_tongue:

ok i am off to work cheers!


Good luck my fellow Canadian!


I’m keeping an eye on this one…very interesting start. This challenge looks like it’ll suit you a lot, if those cool creatures are anything to go by!

Good luck




ill be a watching and a popping in as per usual :slight_smile:


Love the furry one with the long legs. Best of luck with your entry.


Those characters are amazing. I’m intrigued by where this is heading, because I have a hunch it will be fantastic