Strange Behavior (Illustration) Entry: Yang Yu-chi


Wow, you got a great style! Especially that last painting is very dynamic, mainly because of the interesting brush-strokes. I’m looking forward for… more! :bounce:

All the best, especially in the upcoming week! :slight_smile:


Thanks for all your comments :slight_smile:
The more I get closer to the point of finishing this painting,
the more I become uncertain whether it will be a humorous and qualified piece.
And you guys’ feed-back really have encouraged me.

Well,as an owner of female cats(yes,I am ,too),
or being a sandbag for three cats to improve fighting skills,
I do know how fast heavy and tricky their fists are,not metion their claws.

Hope you all have fun when seeing this painting as I do.



wow, incredible skill!

very awesome brush work my friend!
can’t wait to see more,



One day,a ridiculously funny scene came into my mind,
“What a wonderful fighting if I am allowed to carry my cats ,we will be a cool team and win the prize!They are my secret weapons!”
I decided not just creating a human-liked wild animals festival,
but a team which combines human and animals’ force.
Of course ,in auditorium sit both haman and animals.


Wooow! This is such an amazing top-class piece of art! :eek: :eek: That dynamic composition, dynamic brushwork, well done faces, relation with the ‘strange’-theme: perfect! :eek: :thumbsup:

It’s very interesting to see you posting only 5 WIP-images and then just coming up with such a brilliant piece of art! It all seems like it was a quick one, but it probably still took you some nights?

All the best & you can take a nice rest. And enjoy the deadlinerush ‘we’ are all having :wink:


looking really good !


Great story !
I really like the style of your picture !
Thanks for this !


Excellent brush work, and what a dynamic composition. Definitely one of the pieces that adds style to the challenge. A strange behaviour for sure…

Best of luck with the voting!


this came up so well the heavy reflector light is very well done!

I LOVE :love:the squirells and penguins on the left side, but they look a bit too sharp, I think maybe if you play with light levels there you could set them back a bit… aside that I just love it! and you’re fast too!

Congrtulations! :thumbsup::thumbsup::thumbsup:


Thanks for your nice comments.

This piece took me lots of hours to get the effect I wanted.
And yep,I’m starting to enjoy all other artworks in this competition,there are plenty of excellent pieces,I believe we are just having a great fun.

Your suggestion is right ,it’s with help.
I will make some change on those animals in the background.
And I am looking forward to your work.
Good luck.


HEY…THATS SO CRAZY…very strange…cool drawings mate!..:thumbsup:


I really like the final result! claps So original, (concept and style), the movement is really great. Very well done. Good Luck!


woooooow! it’s really amazing man!

love the story and the superb skill, whole is stunning!
one of my faverite piece!

good luck mate



I’ve done some tiny correction of color tones.


What a great image! So dynamic, and I love the style

And very very strange


My favorite little detail is the squirrel, that is just rad.

Great movement, and you have presented a interesting composition. Good job.


nice end…cool final image!


Fantastic image! Very realistic! Love the details and the cat and dog expressions! Great idea!



hahahahahahaha! :scream::scream::scream::scream: absolutely priceless man! :applause: love the kitty’s expression! very well done mate! :stuck_out_tongue: … plus the pup’s expression is pretty cool too! … even so … OUCH!!:argh:
congratulations on your fine finish! good luck mate!:thumbsup:


cant imagine more weird funny crazy stuff!!! Great job! and… poor puppy and kitty he he he