Strange Behavior (Illustration) Entry: Yang Yu-chi


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Latest Update: Final Image: Strange Behaviour Fighting Arena-Final


So this is a story about animal and boxer fighting together


nice sketch! the boxing man seems powerful, good body language, I think it will be interesting.


Now the really big problem is “Finish IT!!!”


Terrific sketches! I’m not sure exactly what’s going on, but a guy boxing with a cat on one glove certainly qualifies as strange behaviour! However, a cat on BOTH gloves would be even stranger… how 'bout it? :slight_smile:

Good luck!


OH yep, I think it’s a great idea…thanks


cat fury, GO! cool stuff.


This sketch is showing a cat doing extra attack on the glove,when the boxer punched at the same time.


good start - nice drawing. good luck!



Haha, I’d like to see this as a short film! with lots of dirty tricks :slight_smile:

Great work!


cool sketch of the cat! special brush work!


This is my “Strange Behaviour Arena”


Cool!! !! !! Get that, doggie!..:applause:


This is some unfinished parts which shows two characters in this painting.


Looks great look forward to the seeing the upcoming final.


This is the main character “Cat Boxer”


Nice. Love your style.


the drawing studys are excellent.

But if even, I don’t understand many things: the idea and composing are absolutly dynamic and crazy !



Hahahahaha Are you kidding me!!? This is hilarious!!:scream: Hahahahahahahaha. I love your painting!:thumbsup: Very well executed and very nice use of color and brush strokes. This is really Marvelous and I wish you all the best my friend! I can’t wait to hear the story behind this madness! Hahaha.


being an owner of cats, i really enjoy this. that cat looks just like my female cat.

funny stuff…great art.