Strange Behavior (Illustration) Entry: Y.Soner Yurtseven


Wow… this is spectacular. Your line quality is superb!:eek:

Beautiful characters, lots of personality. I am excited to see the next step:bounce:
Feel free to drop by and critique my entry, I always appreciate input:D


Such a nice work!
Great expressive characters!


Hiun - Hi Kamal, thanks very much! I appreciate all your comments. I’ve visit your thread, you have an unique style and I’ve no critique yet, I’ll watch your progress. Good luck!

musi - Thanks Alexandra! I’m glad to hear your opinions. Good luck! Cheers!


Here is the 3D pre-visualization of the scene. The posture of the scene will be almost like this so this is just a test render to form a judgment for the background and the foreground. Other characters will be added, some other details for the background will be added too. I’m working on these and I’ll try to upload new test renders for the secene soon.


This is beautiful:love: I can’t wait to see more:bounce:


wow!! :eek: very dreamy colours! i like it a lot! :love: can’t wait for the other pieces of the puzzle to fall into place! :stuck_out_tongue:

good luck my friend! :thumbsup:


Oh! It takes shape nicely :slight_smile: Good work so far :thumbsup: Keep that way:bounce:


so cute! I love the designs


that’s beautiful. Like composition and mood.


Hey Ashitaka, it’s all coming together! Awesome man, at last, the clues of your final image…

I’m loving the atmosphere you’re going for here, and 2 things: Maybe the whole image is a bit too yellow at the moment, and i know that this is a wip so please feel free to ignore that. The other thing is the clock may be a little too shiny/reflective, which differs it slightly from the other characters. i don’t know how you render your specularity and reflection, but applying a cloudy opacity mask to those, could make the clock look a little more used, as if the polish is worn out at some parts. At the same time, you may be going for a “brand new clock” look, rather than a “used” one; i guess in that case I’d try to tone down the overall reflections/specularity a little bit, so that they won’t over-power the model and the texture that much. Trying to blur the reflections can also work nicely. but again, you know what you are going for, and I’ll just sit and watch until what’s in your head unravels :smiley:

eline gozune kuvvet hocam


Hiun - Thanks a lot!

nwiz25 - Hey Neville, thanks my friend! Cheers!

Nomad - Thank you!

digital-bobert - Thanks Bobby, your liking makes me glad! Cheers!

authentic - Hey, thank you so much!

Jeffparadox - Thank you so much Jeff. Very useful comments and also the same details that in my mind. Hearing the same ideas from you is great. I’m still working on as you told and I’ll try some different details as I can. So we’ll all together see the new adds. Thanks again. Cheers!


Excellent character design. :thumbsup: That clock sure feels blue :sad:


MartinNielsen - Thanks Martin! By the way, yes the clock is a little bit blue and shocked. Cheers!


I’ve loved your style right from the start and seeing your latest update with everything coming together is just fantastic. Your background/environment is amazing. Once again I can’t offer any crits - just encouragement to keep doing this beautiful work


Hey Soner, what I can say that has not been said before? :smiley: that its a superb and awesome work mate!!! :thumbsup: I love the atmosphere and the feeling transmited, really cool !! and cant wait to see your whole composition !! :slight_smile: Again, awesome work!!! Cheers :beer:


mdavid - Thanks Mark for all of your encouragement right from the start. Cheers my friend!

Ferx - Hey Fernando, Thank you so much! All of you’ve been supported me very kindly so far. Cheers Fernando!
Cheers to all!


what an amaizing results
the camera focus Idea is so great.:thumbsup:


tarekmax - Hi Tarek, Thank you!
Camera focus is one of the most necessary detail for a scene to give the depth
perfectly. Cheers!


Here is a close look for the porcelain bibelot type of the horsydog character. Also it has a price tag on it as some others will have too. I’m still working on test renders for the final image.


I’m definitively fan of your challenge. Really really nice shader. his left up leg seems a little flying, that’s all I can crit.