Strange Behavior (Illustration) Entry: Y.Soner Yurtseven


excellent character. If I’m looking for a crit I would say to try the eye a ltille brighter but they seems really good like that.


Hi ashiataka, that’s really a great work
I like the characters, they are very funny:thumbsup:


Great! what could I say … maybe the legs slould turn darker at the articulations and over the pointy ends, but everything Looks just nice to me now!


authentic - Thanks for comments. This was just a test render and this isn’t the final poze so in this poze the light didn’t effect on the eye, everything will be better in the final image.

Maxter - Thanks! I’m appreciated.

SteevieWoo - Thanks! I’ll consider about your comments.


Hey man! this is looking great, you clearly have some skills in 3d!

I like where this is going, I’ll be curious how your final composition will look though, I’ll check back later and maybe I can give you some more useful feedback then.

Btw. have you considered changing the color of his eyes? I was just thinking a green hue would look nice there - or even some ice cold blueish tones. Anyway, keep going!


man this is very good!!! how did you made this very nice fur??

well keep the good job!!!


am7 - Hi Atle. Thanks!, I appreciate your comments. All feedbacks are wellcome.
I’ll consider about your suggestion for the colour of eye. Good luck! I’m looking for your progress too.

mosena - Thanks man! I’m glad that you like the fur. Briefly I could tell about the fur:
I’ve used maya fur. A correct UV map is needed and for the colour differences I did partitions on some areas on the map and the model. By using the fur options as "Density, length, scraggle & etc.’’ good results can be received.


that bee is just awesome. the fur is great, but the best part is his facial expression. nice subtle texture on things like his legs, too.


r1-381 - Thank you so much! I appreciate all your comments but the name ‘bee-utiful’ on top of your message is superb for the character and thanks for that beautiful name. I’m not sure how it tells in English but the direct translation from my language is 'name father/father of name, so you are the name father (or may be godfather can be). :thumbsup:


Wow, so much expression in this character, fantastic update.


hey dude! :bounce: i just checked out your thread :eek: and damn! those characters look sooo cute! :love: the fur details rock big time! :buttrock: plus the best part is … (as mdavid commented) you really managed the consistency all the way! good work my friend!
cheers! :beer:


handlebar - Hey Steven! Thanks! By the way congratulations again! Good luck!

nwiz25 - Thanks! I appreciate to all your comments. Cheers!


Reflections are not on the final condition. There will be other models’ reflections on to the clock’s glass and body.


Well, all the characters are almost done. With some final adds and changings they will be finished in the final image. Now I’m working on the place/inside view. After all, the setting part will come. As I told before, the concept is clear but the scene is almost clear in my mind. So on that phase I’ll test some settings on the image for the characters. Hope everything can go on the way and time. Thanks for all comments and supports until now. All forthcoming comments are welcome as always. Cheers all!


This is going to be a great piece of art, again, Soner !
your characters are great, stylized !
Can’t wait to see the final !


cool reflections my friend! … love the clock’s look! :stuck_out_tongue: lot of personality! :stuck_out_tongue: :love:
good luck as always dude! :thumbsup: cheers! :beer:


This is beautiful work. Your characters are consistently good and consistent in style. Wonderful!


Done a lot of work I can see! And what a work, coming together really nice.
I like your style very much!



Great progress, I love your style :love:


gpepper - Thanks Gilles! That’s great to hear these. Cheers!

nwiz25 - Hey Neville, thanks for comments. Good luck to you too! Cheers!

mdavid - Wow thank you so much Mark! I appreciate to all your comments.

coolkonrad - Hi Peter thanks!

Nomad - Thanks Maciej! Cheers!