Strange Behavior (Illustration) Entry: Y.Soner Yurtseven


Heyy this is looking fabulous buddy! I love your texturing and basic lighting, thumbs up to his various skin tones, and moderate looking hair. I see that you’ve changed his horn too, which i think is working better. If i had to be picky, I’d say some simple hairy bump map on his tail could look better. Now they look a bit chunky I think… But hey, that’s a great character, one can’t keep from wondering what would it do when it moves :smiley: Great job dude!


the last character looks so freaking amazing… really… i want to have one of those as a pet… :smiley: … anyway… great progress and very true to your concepts…


Great characters !


I know it’s been said a lot already, but your stuff is fantastic! Definitely no crits from me. Keep up the wonderful work


Jeffparadox - Thank you so much! Nice to see you here often. Your comments are all welcome. About the tail you’re right but some datails could be tested in some different ways. So I could change it may be. Anyway thanks for all your support. Cheers!

icedeyes - Hehe yes as a pet they would be marvellous. Thank you for watching the thread!

flugus - Thanks!

mdavid - Thanks for your support!


Absolute fantastic. :bounce:


Hey Soner, another superb and really cute character, awesome like allways my friend!! :smiley: and again i can only say : Cheers mate !!! :beer:


Lovely Characters, amazing style! :):thumbsup:…I love the set its so well fitted to all your characters


Russel-Nash - Wow Thanks!

Ferx - Thanks Fernando for all your support! Cheers!

AxelAlonso - Thanks for nice comments!


I love the innocence and cuteness in your work. The models are really well crafted and hope to see the finished scene soon. keep it up man!


jpmonroyal - Hi, Thanks, I’m appreciated your comments. I’m keep working on it!


Hey Asiataka, i must say most bizarre characters and the background fit’s in soo nicely. Besides them comming out of the broken toys is there anything else going on? I’m not sure but it might not be enough, but you are the one with the vision. Can’t wait for update.


guero - Thanks, I’m appreciated about your comments, I’m still working on the characters and the broken types. See you!


Great designs and models, I really like the quirky designs and the antique / aged feel you give things. Can’t wait to see more.


juggernate - Thanks for all the supporting comments! Cheers!


This is the model view with texture and fur, just the poze for the final image’s been left behind. Some more details and changings will be added on to the final image too. For now that’s all, all comments are welcome!


woa man that’s pretty cool! You got a way with 3D that makes it look really organic and edible :smiley: I especially want to compliment on your use of 3D fur. It looks both very natural and pretty, something i hardly see. I think my only issue is that I’d like to see specular shine on the eyeball to make it look like eye more, which is a very easy fix. Hope this fur won’t hit you hard with render times, since I remember you’ve said this is an animation entry aswell… :beer:

btw thanks for stopping by my thread again!!! It was buried in pages already… I’ll remember the favor :smiley:


That fur looks excellent. Beautiful work. I love the consistency you’ve managed in your 3D style. Like Jeff, I like to see a bit of sparkle on the eye, but other than that, I can only praise this wonderful work :thumbsup:


Hey Soner, woooww i like a lot your models !! great style, and that bee is superb!!. I agree with Jeff and Mark about the specular light (and perhaps for “legs”, head and antennas a bit more sepecular too, only a comment:) ) Again awesome work mate!! Cheers :beer:


Jeffparadox - I appreciate all your comments. Also thanks for your support all along.
By the way I hope too this fur won’t hit me hard with render times for the final scene render.
Because of this hardness I couldn’t dare to join the animation category.

mdavid - Thanks! That’s great to hear those comments. Thanks for your praises.

Ferx - All comments are welcome. Thanks! Cheers!

Thank you all guys! for specular shine on the eyeball comments, I agree with you.
This was just a test render and this isn’t the final poze so in this poze the light didn’t
effect on the eye, everything will be better in the final image.
But thanks for attentive investigations. Cheers!