Strange Behavior (Illustration) Entry: Y.Soner Yurtseven


Wow! with the texturing and lighting in place this piece is taking on a real classical innocence… Great design all round ash:thumbsup:


My girlfriend let out a high-pitched scream when she saw this one (and that’s usually a good sign). Very cool characters! I don’t know how 3D-illustrators work, isn’t it difficult to work without a sketch of the overall composition? Or do you have it all in your head? Anyway, looking forward to see the development of the characters and the old store!



nice concept and quality shots!.. great beginning… good luck mate…


DaddyMack - Thanks! I’m happy for the comments.

n2blast - Thanks, Cheers!

Minnhagen - Thank you and your girlfriend very much! Because of the time period and busyness of my other works I could just do the sketches that’s shown on my thread. I think the system of concept design and working on it even on 2D or 3D are the same. I guess you’ve pointed about the necessity for a sketch and you’re right. By the way as you’ve asked; yes I’ve already had everything in my mind so for now I’m working on the details. On the other hand the scene in my mind has consisted from many details and any sketch couldn’t make me feel ok and the possibility of camera/camera angle in 3D is the way that I’ll use for the final scene. In a word the concept, all the characters, their sketches and every detail are clear, just the view, camera angle is changeable. Cheers!


I can’t wait to see what these awesome models are going to be doing


Your models vintage feel is soo great just keep it up, will return if i think of anything that might improve anything :slight_smile: cheers


So cool and funny!


Absolutely lovely updates! -Loving the tones and colours of your textures.


killer-instinct93 - Thanks, good luck!

Ligo - Thank you! Anytime you’re welcome. Cheers!

Nemesix - Hehe Thanks!

Selina42 - Thanks Selina. Nice to see you again.


The wireframe lines are not in good trim on the downstairs part because I’m still working on that.


Still working on details. The upstairs is almost finished, downstairs part does not finished yet. For the final view some grass on to the floor and pendulous greens coming from the upstairs could be added for providing the atmosphere more unique. Also there will be a vitreous dome. All of these are the elements which are composing the background.


This fantastic and hardworking job is showing how talented you are and your aesthetical information thats is reflecting such as lovely and characteristic curves. The workflow is exciting me. Ellerine saglik…


Dats one bad looking model! I jus luv da style! I hope you finish the lower lvl soon I can’t wait to c it!


Exellent background! I love the brick wall :love:

Great modeling & style :applause:


Hey Soner, impresive model for the BG ! great bricks and all details in the building! :thumbsup: i only can say : awesome mate!! And cant wait to see the vitreous dome ! (that will be fantastic :smiley: ) Cheers mate! :beer:


Modeling the scene seems very impressive pal! Thumbs up for this wall piece.


great model Soner, no critique… enjoying the show…


This is such a wonderful thread to follow, i realy enjoy your style and to watch the image evolve step by step is such a treat.

Steve 8)


n2blast - Thank you so much for your kind words!

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Nomad - Thanks! I’m glad that you like it that much.

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Jeffparadox - Thanks Jeff! Congratulations again!

handlebar - Thanks! I’m very glad if the thread is cheerful to follow.

Thanks to you all for your support. Good luck and more fun to all of us in this great challenge.


Textured character model. Just a test to see how it could be seen when textured like this. Colour and density of fur could be tested in some different way.