Strange Behavior (Illustration) Entry: Y.Soner Yurtseven


While I’m working on the place modeling, here is one of the character’s textured & riged posture.


GumboYaYa - Thank yo so much. Good Luck!


These characters are so funny! You have some very nice pencil illustrations. I admire your cross hatching work. Yokur 3d work is coming out very nice as well however, one minor thing is that I believe your sketch has a bit more character to “him” in that one eyeball pupil is smaller than the other. It would be nice to have that represented in the 3D model.
Great work!


This looks fantastic! :slight_smile:



Ramon - Thank you so much for your comments. I’ll upload the same pose of that character with the same eyeball pupil. Thanks! Good Luck!

dondixon - hehe Thanks!


Hello there,
Your sketches are awesome and your style so fresh and full of character. I love what you are doing and anxious to see them all together. At this point, I don’t see anything wrong to point. On a personal level, I think your 2D work is much more interesting than the 3D, BUT, as I said, it’s a personal thing and your 3D models are really good too.


wow!.. amazing characters you got here as i said b4… very good work on the modleing and the rigging… I’m just waiting to see the end result here… this should be a awesome piece i’m sure!!


Hey Soner you made so much progress since I visited last. I’ve been checking out your progress and everything is going very smooth, consistent and pretty, as it should be! Sadly I have no critique for you; everything is so vivid in your head already, and you got the skills to carry them out obviously, that it would be pointless to try being picky :smiley:

keep it up buddy! :beer:


UldFerr - Thanks for comments, 2D or 3D are all fun for me but for a future project as a 3D animation, I prefer to work on 3D. Anyway I’m very glad that you like them both. Thanks, Good Luck!

overcontrast - Wow, thanks for encouraging me. I’m happy that you like the characters, yours are amazing too! I’m waiting to see your animation finished interestedly! Good Luck and Cheers!

Jeffparadox - Hehe thanks again. I’m glad that you check the thread. All the comments came from you are welcome. I’m keeping an eye on your progress! Good Luck!


Wow, that’s brilliant, fantastic work you are doing. Great character design, I’m looking forward to see the backgroud. BTW, I love your sketches.


Wowww lovely characterwork!(again)…Me loving your pencilwork too.Looking forward to how youll put this together!Keep coming the great work,Cheers!


Just a quick test for pose as in the sketch. This isn’t the final pose. I wanted to see the 2D pose and expression on 3D model. Not the same may be but close, I’ve not much time for now to test it more.


il like very very much the way you do the characters, their anatomy, their style and also how you do very well the transition from sketch to 3D, i like you work pretty much


Surperb characters! I love the quirkiness.


This is crazy. Your style is awesome and unique! Funny character! Already has a name?


Ramitxon - Thanks for your kind comments! I’ve to say that your concept amazed me and it’s so fun too. Looking forward for yours. Cheers!

OKMER - Hey thank you very much! Your concept and sketches are so well too and I’m looking forward for your progress and final. Cheers!

DavidSion - Wow thank you so much!

trickmonkey - Hehe Thanks! Good luck!

csdani - Thanks! I’m glad about your comments. Hehe It has no meaning but just because I called it as ‘WrigWreg’ so it has remained for me like this.


excelent character design and pose. I love it.


funny characters man! they look fantastic!:thumbsup: good luck


Hey Soner, great character designs!! and models!! your style is great man!! :thumbsup: I cant wait to see more updates! :beer:


authentic - Thanks Vincent! I really liked your concept and characters too. Good luck with your animation! Cheers!

BloodTaster - Thanks! Good luck!

Ferx - I’m glad that you like that much! Thanks! Cheers!