Strange Behavior (Illustration) Entry: Y.Soner Yurtseven


Wonderful transition from your sketches to 3d, you’ve captured things beutifully.

Steve 8)


like i said earlier, amazing. your unicorn-dog is so awsome love fleshy bits that you have on him, muscle and rolls, man its AAA!!

thats awsome edge extrusion man!! super detail. cant wait to see more


Very good work ! I like your draw and great modeling :slight_smile:
I 'm waiting forward the rest


DaddyMack - Thanks, I’m happy to hear those.

handlebar - I’m working on another one, hope you’ll like it too. Thank you!

RumorHazard - Thank you so much, I’m glad if it really liked that much.

Tinfisch - Thanks!

I’m still working on the bee one. It’s almost finished so I’ll update the thread tomorrow.
See you!


Here is the birdy bee model and wireframes. As seen on the sketch it has only two legs but the others weren’t drawn. On the model it has six. Also the fur on it’s neck is more bunchy. May be I can work more on some of the details and as on the sketch some fur can be added on to the body lesser than the fur on neck.


What a wonderful character, the extra legs work very well. I love your style.

Steve 8)


I love the way you stick to your concepts (which are very nice by the way)… love the little bee… keep it up


Hilarous characters and great modeling job here :thumbsup:

I`m looking forward to see the story about those great characters :bounce:


I cant see what concept you’re going for with these. But I really like your intial drawing. But, what I’m seeing alot of is, people that can draw, are all going 3D for some reason and are losing your artistic style.

If you can draw THAT good, and it looks like you can, why not just draw it instead of going 3D? Your 3D models look good, but they pale in comparison to your sketches.

I know your just getting started modelling, so maybe I’m just trippin out.

Anyway, I hope you can approach the level of detail in your sketches, because they look faboulous.

Just my two cents.


Double post.


handlebar - Thanks! I’m glad. Good Luck!

icedeyes - Thank you! Good Luck!

Nomad - Thanks! I’ve told about the concept briefly but there isn’t a sketch yet. I can tell the concept again. Best of luck!

The Concept:
The scene will be consisted in an antique/knick knack store where on whatnots there will be bibelots which are the characters that I’ve modeled and keep going to modeling. The bibelots will be seen as they’ve been broken and the alive creatures such as bibelots themselves will be coming from inside of the broken pieces due to an unusual type of fairy who did this just for fun.

TwinSnakes - I’m very glad that you like the sketches that much. Also thanks for all the comments. I can say that 2D is one of the steps for 3D and 3D is necessary for 3D animation. So I try to be good at drawing to design the characters well to transfer them into 3D. I like working on both 2D and 3D but I’ve to say that I have more fun in 3D. That’s the reason for me. Thanks!


good sketch and modeling.
Very good work. good luck.


very good modeling.
i like a lot the drawing and the modeling is well done!:applause:


your characters are slowly coming to life :love: great 2d and 3d skills my friend! :applause: looking forward to ur post! good luck! :thumbsup:


fido972 - Thank you! Good luck to you too in your short film, I’m looking forward!

Danydani - Thanks!

nwiz25 - Thanks Neville! I’m looking forward yours too. Good Luck!


Wow, those characters are great. Can’t wait to see them in the final composition. :thumbsup:

Good luck with the challenge.


Sketch is the inside view of the unwonted antique store. On the floor there will be grasses come through out of the tiles. This view doesn’t show the camera angle that I’ll used at the end, it will changed after the modelling.


this looks really amazing… the curves make the image very interesting to the viewer… very distorted but very clear…


Russel-Nash - Thanks, I’m glad that you like them! Good luck!

icedeyes - Thanks for comments. Good luck!

I’m working on modeling the place. I’ll try to update as soon as I can.


Whooo … can’t wait for the final image!!! I love your style!