Strange Behavior (Illustration) Entry: Y.Soner Yurtseven


LOL! I missed this great work too sofar! :eek:
Lovin All of em! I like especially this last one character! haha! really funny!
Btw I didn’t find your idea about the topic but anyway these characters looks great! so Greate n funny! :wink:
lookin to see more n wish ya all the bests!
GL, :thumbsup:



hehehehe great model, once again…
one suggestion: where the horn meets the head, it gets thinner a little, that doesn’t really look organic to me, i think it should get a little thicker there. just an idea, awesome characters, i’m very curious what they’ll be doing. i bet it won’t be very normal :beer:


Wonder how strange you are going to make them behave.Absolutely gorgeous and cute characters!Love your style!


awesome characters! you’ve translated the 2d versions to 3d very well! hope to see this finished and polished to the max! :thumbsup:


These are amazing 2d-to-3d translations; wonderful designs supplemented by glorious modeling chops. Darn fast, too. My hats off to you on that :slight_smile:

I implore you, though, the heed the words of the wise Walrus. This contest is named “Strange BEHAVIOR”, and the behavior and its context needs to be the focus. These characters could add up to something great, but you need to figure out that something as soon as possible to be able to flesh it out fully.

Best of luck in your work!


dondixon- Thanks! Good Luck!
mim-Armand- Thanks I’m glad that you like them this much. I’ll explain briefly about the concept and the scene. Good Luck!
Jeffparadox- Thanks! Nice to see you again too. Also thanks for the suggestion, I’ll commentate about this.
OKMER- Thank you too. I’m going to explain how strange they’re going to behave as much as I can. Good Luck!
ragdoll- Thanks!
chrisbeaver- Thank you so much for support and comments. Best of luck in your work too!


Can we see some wireframes of your models too please? Thank you!


The Concept:
The scene will be consisted in an antique/knick knack store where on whatnots there will be bibelots which are the characters that I’ve modeled and keep going to modeling. The bibelots will be seen as they’ve been broken and the alive creatures such as bibelots themselves will be coming from inside of the broken pieces due to an unusual type of fairy who did this just for fun.

I try to explain briefly about the concept as could as I can, hope you like it. See you!


Wireframes of the models.


Oh what a great concept!!

I was going to say they’re so cute but everyone has said that already:sad:, so that only leaves me with: “That’s the coolest table clock I have ever seen! I wish they sold them somewhere !!”:applause:

Good work!


SteevieWoo- Thanks Gabriel for all kind comments. Best of luck to you!


awesome!..I can’t wait to see this finished.


o-l-d - Thanks! I’m trying hard to finish it as I imagined.

[size=2]I’m still working on the character’s modeling. The next first coming model will be the Bee. Also I’m working on the place design where the characters would be in. [size=2][color=#808080][color=#fffffe]Good luck and more fun to everyone!


Hello Y.Soner,:wavey:
I love all those cute creatures and funny characters, really nice style,:wink: keep having fun! That’s the best part of this media to entertain! Hope to see what they all going to do in some near future :)???


Wow thank you for the wireframes! You have a lovely flow to your meshes -as i expected really given the models! But its always great to have a look at that bit i think. They look like they will animate extremely well too!

I’m loving the concept -a proper magical Lewis Carol feel to it -especially reminiscant in your clock model!

Cant wait to see more!


Wow, I love your design, thats a really nice job… cant wait to see the final image ! thats will be really cool !


whoa - these models are to die for - your project is really moving forward!



stellar job! I love the horse design.


AxelAlonso - Thanks Axel, I’m glad that you like them. Fun to everyone.

Selina42 - Thanks Selina, I would like to do the animation of them. Hope I will. Lewis Carol, one of the step for all of our childhood imagination :wink:

squeezestudio - Thanks Patrick, hope the final image would win recognition too. I’m waiting for your final image too and that would be wonderful I think.

Gord-MacDonald - Hearing these makes me glad. Thanks Gordon!

digital-bobert - Thanks for your comment to my job, hearing that liking from you makes me happy. I’m waiting to see your’s finished to be amazed. Good luck and fun!


Just had to add to the pile of congrats here… Your characters ooze personality and style… Awesome!:applause: