Strange Behavior (Illustration) Entry: Y.Soner Yurtseven


Yeah, great characters! The models are showing exactly the same “life” they do in the sketches. Beautiful work!


Those are some really nice looking models, a great translation of your 2D style into 3D! The only thing I missed is what your concept is. What’s the scene? How do all of these characters fit together in a layout? And of course, what is the strange behavious in your image going to be? Just wondering… thought it might be kinda pertinent or something. :smiley: Great looking characters so far…
Good luck!


Dear ve Kankim Soner,
Your character designs are so cool and your 3d Models are well designed.
I have got no idea about your characters story but I hope you will be more successful
then your performance at Journe Begins.


I love that clock! great modelling & fantastic characters.
BTW that clock looks like how I feel on monday mornings :bounce:


daBirdninja - Thanks. I’m happy that the characters win recognition.

Anatomista - Thanks to you too. I’m trying to do my best. Good luck!

walrus - Thanks for all comments. About the scene I could say that I’ve some ideas but didn’t decide on one yet anyway rain or shine the characters are certain so I keep working on modeling them.

sgbox - Thanks for all support and comments. The story and the sketch of the scene will be here as soon as I decided about the ideas which would be the main one that I’ve .

octopus7 - Thanks for commenst and I like your simile, thanks. Good luck!


O MY WORD your models look soo wicked, there soo close to your sketches there perfect!!, what program you using to model in, and are you box modeling or edge extrusion??

man i cant get over how awsome your models are, cant wait to see more


RumorHazard - I’m glad about your comments. I use maya and edge extrusion. Thank you so much!


Thats what i call super funny strange and cute characters:applause:, love them. keep rocking:buttrock:, i-ll be watching


I love your character designs…can’t wait for the next update…keep on coming!


beautiful character designs. They have so much, well… character. :slight_smile:
I’m looking forward to seeing more.


Soner hocam,

Thanks for stopping by buddy, I’m loving your models as much as I did your sketches. You’ve translated them into 3D with such precision in their cuteness, that I gotta admit I seldom see that when people model their sketches… Waiting for the strange concept…; keep up the good work dude!


Sarker- I’m very glad that the characters’ve been liked. I’ll be watching you too, good luck!

o-l-d- Thanks. I’ll update soon.

Lync- Thank you, I’m glad about the comments. Good luck!

Jeffparadox- Selam Jeff, Thanks for all the supporting comments that makes me glad. Good Luck!


lovely character drawings and models! :thumbsup:



Gord-MacDonald- Thanks Gord, I’m pleased.


really loveable characters, i cant wait to see your final concept. ill definatly be back to check up on this one.


Slav- Thanks I’m very glad to hear these. I would like you to be here again, thanks and good luck!


I cant believe i missed this thread… I LOVE the character design you have there and you managed to convey their details almost perfectly in 3d so far… congrats… keep it up


As seen on the sketch there is no horn. But while I was modeling it I made a horn so it became a weird funny unicorn and also a dog, on the sketch it has a collar too, may be I’ll add a collar and some other ornaments on to the model.


icedeyes- Thanks for your visit and comment. See you!


Great Designs you have going here!