Strange Behavior (Illustration) Entry: Y.Soner Yurtseven


Hey man, great job on the finished piece. It looks really fuzzy and cute. The characters are also very well designed and going by all the previz images you put in they were clearly well thought off. My only comment would be its palette right now. Maybe a bit to focused on the warm end of the spectrum, but again, maybe thats what you were going for. All in all, awsome piece and you are rewarded for your hard work!


It is a real pleasure to see your wip . Good Luck


phlorins - Thank you very much Florin!

jpmonroyal - Thanks JuanPablo for your kind comments! I appreciate that. Also I’m thinking about some changings. May be this week I can do some if I’ve time and at that time all comments are welcome again. Cheers!

scala - Thank you so much Eric! It’s a pleasure for me too! Best of luck! Cheers!


Congratulations on finishing your piece. Grrreat work my friend. Wonderful dreamy feeling. I wish you the best of lucks now on the judging.


Ramitxon - Hey Ramón thank you so much my friend! That’s great to hear these from you. I wish you the best of lucks with your stunning piece on the judging too! Cheers!.


Hey Soner, simply awesome!! I love all your concept!! Its totally charming and incredible. Your characters are wonderful with a beautiful essence, really really great! The atmospher and colours on your image puts a magical touch on your whole composition, i love the fantasy enviroment on it, superb my friend! A great and fantastic style on your concept. Was a great pleasure (and learning :slight_smile: ) to see the development of your idea, an idea that not only touch the viewer´s eyes, touch on the hart too, and that is really wonderful !
Congratulations Soner for this superb and awesome art work !! Best of luck my friend!! … and… yes!! … time for a … yes !! a barrel of cold beer!! and a box full of tequila bottles!! Cheers my friend !! :beer:


Hey Fernando! Thank you so much for your kind words and it was a pleasure for me too having your support all along! I’m glad that how you felt about the image. Much appreciated! By the way as I told before if I could have time I would like to do some changings on the image (not detailed changes). I would like you to stop by again. Thanks, Cheers my friend!


“Priceless Friends”

In an ancient, forgotten, knick knack store; there were twangs, clinks and clacks that were started after the long silent years. Also a weird and unexpected visitor was there too. The unexpected visitor was an unusual fairy which looked like he was just trying to find something that he had lost. The weird fairy was trying to find friends whom he had neither found nor lost. But wherever he looked at he couldn’t find any living thing in that place. The place was just full of bibelots and knick knacks with price tags on them. However he wanted to have friends more than anything else. So he decided to use his ability. An ability that ensures him to do whatever he wants with his magic dusts. So he started to hang around, look around and kick up around to choose the bibelots that he liked the most in all around the store. Just at that moment all the twangs, clinks and clacks were started. After their lifeless years all the bibelots that the weird fairy chose began to come alive gradually with all that noises under a magical dust rain. The bibelots were all confused about what was happening to them when they came alive. Also the weird fairy was confused too because of a bibelot which one got alive as a mistake. It was the bee one, the most scary creatures for the fairy. But may be this time he could be a friend of a bee.

Characters, environment are all modeled in Maya, rendered with Mental Ray and after renders taken with layer pass’, compositing done in Photoshop.


Hi to everyone again! Finally I had some time to add some changings to my final.
Not much but it was what I wanted to change if I could have time to do and so
I changed the bee’s antennas. In the old version they were seem like one and I
rendered them in this new position and they are apart to each other now.

Thanks to everyone who have been in my thread with their great and kind supports!
Good luck and best wishes to everyone!
Cheers to all!


Hey Soner, nice change, i agree with you about bee´s antennas, now it looks simply cool !!:thumbsup:
Your concept is really great, love your “distorted” background… woooww… really a superb touch, puts a beautiful magic dream atmosphere. Again, congrats for this awesome art work my friend!! (one of my favs) Cheers!! (yeaaaaaaa… more beer and tequila :smiley: ) :beer:


Hey Fernando, thank you so much again and again! You make me so glad.
All my best wishes for you! Cheers my friend!


wow…very lovely picture…:scream: …great style … very nice scene…and …beautiful colours…good job…keep it up and good luck…


wow…very lovely picture…:scream: …great style … very nice scene…and …beautiful colours…good job…keep it up and good luck…


Thanks for the comments man! your piece, as I said, is awsome! really nice rendering and characters. It was great watching your WIPs all the way to the final one. Hopefully I’ll see you around cgtalk or on another challenge soon! later homie!


minminxu - Thank you very much minmin for your kind comments! Cheers!

jpmonroyal - Wow thanks again JuanPablo! I hope to be around cgtalk! Thanks. Cheers!


Hi Soner,

Congratulations the characters are sooo magical! and strange designs and still very cute ( in the best way )! The emotion, and moods comunicate through all you composition!:scream::thumbsup::applause:
I enjoy all your history! I wish I could see that one on TV! or movies maybe? haha!:D! you talents for 3D and 2D are superb!:eek: Its great to see magical art illustrations like yours! Hope to see you in in the next one! Best wishes!:applause:


This is so poetic piece of work ashiataka. You are always true to your original magical style. Very cinematic feel even with portrait crop. Love it! Good luck…


AxelAlonso - Wow thanks Axel! That would be great if possible to be on tv or movies, as every artist would love to be. For this point I wish all the best for everyone! Thanks again for your great, kind support all along! Best wishes too! Cheers my friend!

Oweron - Thank you so muchJuraj! Much appreciate! Your nice and sincere comments makes me so glad! Good luck to you too! Cheers!


Congratulations ashiataka. You have a very magical piece and your texture work is incredible. I also would have to agree with Oweron, even with the portrait crop you achieved a very cinematic feel.


Love your final image dude, well done!!! It looks great. The lighting is superb and the characters are very cool!!!

Best of luck!