Strange Behavior (Illustration) Entry: Y.Soner Yurtseven


This is nutty but sweet as a nut! Lovely characters and lighting,



Great to see it all coming together. :thumbsup:

Amazing entry.:bounce:


very cool work man . I wish a good luck for u


Is like a dream! The colors are so cool and fine! And the characters are so funny. Well done and good luck!


Exellent, I love the colors and the characters, bravo :thumbsup:

and good luck :beer:


Hiun - Thank you so much for your kind words!
I wish you the same! Cheers!

Quills - Hehehe, Thanks Reb!

Russel-Nash - Thanks Torsten, I’m glad that you like!

abourabe - Hi Mohammed, Thanks!

Nemesix - Wow, Thanks very much ZªRª! I’m appreciated.

Nomad - Hey Maciej! Thanks, I’m happy that you liked all.
I liked your cute dragon too. Good luck to you too! Cheers!

Thanks for everyone’s support all along! Cheers to all!


excellent ! Great style again ! a beautiful picture Y !


weeeeeeeeee!! :bounce: congratulations my dear friend! :beer::scream::eek: so very cute and awesome use of colours! :stuck_out_tongue: love that fairy dust! :love:
wishing you the very best of luck!! :thumbsup: god bless u as always!


gpepper - Thank you so much Gilles! Cheers!

nwiz25 - Wow Neville, Thanks a lot, I’m appreciated. Congratulations to you too.
All my best wishes to you my friend. Good luck! Cheers!

Good luck to everyone who are still working on.
The new deadline for the Challenge is now the 15th of November,
great for the unfinished works!
Cheers to you all!


very nice style. i like a lot the little creatures at the bottom of image.


sorry wrong window and double post…
I tell again what I told you, you did a great job here and always with your unique style !


Beautiful work, it’s been a pleasure to follow your progress. Best of luck.


OZ - Hey Fabio! Thanks a lot! Good luck! Cheers!

gpepper - Always welcome! Hehe thanks again Gilles! Much appreciated!



handlebar - Hey Steven thank you so much! Much appreciated for your pleasure about the progress, I’m honored. Good luck to you too! Cheers!


very love your style man!
it’s really pretty and great!
best wishes for you



AlonChou - Thank you so much for your kind comments Alon!
I’m so glad that you like it! Your style is very qualified and amazing
in your every piece of art! Best wishes to you too!


Congratulations - you’ve made a beautiful image, with a dreamy, magic feeling about it. I love the atmosphere you have created in this scene - your use of depth of field and colour is perfect. It’s been great fun watching you create this scene. Good luck with the voting


Hey Ashitaka, kardesim,

You’ve completed such an amazing piece, with a heart warming story! I just love the magic in your image, it’s so dreamy and peaceful (something we really need these days, in the harsh reality of the wars going on)

I’ve been watching your posts from the very beginning, and gotta say that you have very rigid skills dude! I didn’t see one unnecessary line in your sketches, or a chip in your models so far. the way you’ve handled 3D is organic, it’s warm, and it works on many levels. Your illustrations are adding much to this society, and now you’ve contributed another one. I’ll be waiting for more from you, best of luck with the judging dostum…



mdavid - Thank you so much Mark! I’m much appreciate to all of your kind words.
That’s great for me if all the viewers feel like you! Also thanks for your support all along
and Good luck to you too with the voting. Best wishes!

Jeffparadox - Çok teşekkürler, thank you so much Jeff, dostum for your kind support all along!
Your comments/feedbacks are always welcome. Wow I’m so pleased about your thoughts for my piece.
Also you honored me with your nice words for my artistic skills.
Thanks, Sağolasın! Best of luck to you too with the judging!
Bol şans! Cheers!


great job :eek: :thumbsup:
good luck