Strange Behavior (Illustration) Entry: Y.Soner Yurtseven


Excellent !
I have to say that the Tomas’ daughter texture is really cool too !


now i wil go to school. when we come back… problably… i need more tonner…



KICK AAAAAAAAAAAAAASSSSSSSSSS!!! I mean: well done… :thumbsup:


Tha’s a marvelous picture. Very stylish and personnal. I just find the pose of the bee could be better but that’s a detail. Again congrats.


I like the yelloww - it is the magical colour :slight_smile:

I agree about adding some highlights to the bee’s legs to define them more. And I wonder if you could have the ‘live’ unicorn-like toy looking into the eyes of the one that is not yet alive to increase the connection there and show more that it is alive and aware of its surroundings?

Good luck for the end.


Jeffparadox - Hey Jeff thank you so much for your helpful comments
and great support!
I’m agree with your comments and I wish I could have enough time to
change them but I’ve been working 7/24 for these days and may be I
could do some simple changings at all even I’ve already rigged the models.
But I don’t know, if I could have time to get new renders I’ll definitely do
the changings. Otherwise I could do some changings just with compositing!
Thanks again!

gpepper - Thanks Gilles! You’re right, her texture is definitely cool!

infoarq - Hehehe, best wishes to you and to lovely Ester! Thanks!

MartinNielsen - Wow Thanks Martin!

authentic - Thank you so much Vincent! Pose of the bee could be better
yes, I understand you. Even I’ve no time to do that kind of changings but
when I start to do this concept’s animation I’ll wait for your helpful
comments, feedbacks again! Thanks! Cheers!

Ordibble P. Lop - Thanks David! I’m glad if you like the magical yellow
atmosphere. I could change the yellow a little bit in the end. I understand
all about your other suggestions and as I told Jeff and Vincent, I wish I could
have time to do all. Because I’m all agree with all of you.

Ahhhh! Time is everything!


Wonderfull piece and your sketches and your 3D are so close you belongs to the happy few.


This looks fantastic! :slight_smile:


scala - Hey Eric! Thank you so much for your words. I’m
glad to hear these from you! Cheers!

dondixon - Thanks Don!

Time goes by and I’m still working on some details when I
could find enough time. Hehhe! Good luck to everyone who
are same with me!



Detail of the clock.


Another detail from the scene. Finally it’s over.


Just amazingly amazing!!Love it,surely one of my fav’s.Thx for ya nice words in my thread man, they surely helped me!
Following your thread was amzinly inspiring and love your creatures.
Hope to see you in the next challenge and best of luck to you in the final judgement buddy!Once again GREAT work!!!


Hey Remko! Thank you so much!
Good luck to you too, Cheers!


Last detail.


This is so nice and warm, I love yellow atmosphere an you got ti down just fine! all buzz and spectatives you created with your first nice sketches were met completely!!

Funny, not as much 3D entries as I supposed there’d be… and yours and few others manage to go beyond the photo realism and crate a real mood, seeing this I just wanna try somethig in that direction for the next one (hopefully)…

I still like the little clock so much… he sorta looks like a wee mouse…

Great job done!!:thumbsup::thumbsup::thumbsup:


Hi Gabriel Thanks a lot! It was so fun for me all along even the
time problems. Thanks again for all of your supports! Cheers!


Beautiful work!


Thanks Cliff! Cheers!


‘Priceless Friends’

In an ancient, forgotten antique store; there were twangs, clinks and clacks that were started after the long silent years. Also a weird and unexpected visitor was there too. The unexpected visitor was an unusual fairy which looked like he was just trying to find something that he had lost. The weird fairy was trying to find friends whom he had neither found nor lost. But wherever he looked at he couldn’t find any living thing in that place. The place was just full of bibelots and trinkets with price tags on them. However he wanted to have friends more than anything else. So he decided to use his ability. An ability that ensures him to do whatever he wants with his magic dusts. So he started to hang around, look around and kick up around to choose the bibelots that he liked the most in all around the store. Just at that moment all the twangs, clinks and clacks were started. After their lifeless years all the bibelots that the weird fairy chose began to come alive gradually with all that noises under a magical dust rain. The bibelots were all confused about what was happening to them when they came alive. Also the weird fairy was confused too because of a bibelot which one got alive as a mistake. It was the bee one, the most scary creatures for the fairy. But may be this time he could be a friend of a bee.

Characters, environment are all modeled in Maya, rendered with Mental Ray and after renders taken with layer pass’, compositing done in Photoshop.


Beautiful story to compliment a beautiful image. :love:I wish you well in all you do my friend.