Strange Behavior (Illustration) Entry: Y.Soner Yurtseven


Your work is incredible. Funny characters, a very good choice of the atmosphere and the composition. I’m waiting impatiently for your final image.


That’s a real photo :wink:
Great lightning and texture!!


Incredible! What a nice shader :thumbsup: Very believable.


Ups… double post :argh: Well, great work again…:applause:


Very nice job! The models and renders just look great! Looking forward to the final setup/scene!


Hi Ashitaka, i love your new post! your textures and lighting are looking awsome man, nothing to critique about them. One thing I can suggest is giving the price tag a little pinkish hue, very subtly, so that it stands out more. Now from far away it gets lost on the horsy a little :smiley:

keep it up man, run run run. We can’t wait for this one to finish!


This is awesome cool! The color and lights are great, very well done.


Hi, when i clicked on your stranger behavior link… and this image impact on my screen…
simply increible “bibelot”…
fisrt look are increible…
i love these little details… textures… (i love price, and colors blend… it´s real!!)
Congratulations… where can i buy one??


Such a beutiful render, the shader and lighting are wonderful.


Porcelain bibelot in screen… and arrived “Ester”… (5 years old)
wooooooooo Dady print me pleeeeeeeeeeeeeeaseeeeee!!

now my Daughter are painting with crayons…

i some cases the best jury are the childrens…

she loves your characters…


Oh this is soo cute! I love the design of the hose–and the porcelain effect looks really nice! Cant wait–


[color=white]authentic –[/color][color=white] Thanks Vincent! for your all support since from the beginning. By the way I’m glad about your attentive look, yes the left front leg is a little bit up. Sometimes some bibelots could be unstable so they wouldn’t stand properly. For this reason after the challenge I would like to finish the animation of them and this instability may be a part of it. I know it looks like a mistake and for the final scene I’ll fix it, also the legs will be blured by the camera focus. Thanks![/color]
RafaTer – Thanks Rafael! You make me so glad!

coolkonrad - Wow Peter! That’s great if it percieved as it’s real. :wink:

MartinNielsen - Hey Martin, Thanks! Making it believable, that was the point I tried to get. Great to hear that!

Hideyoshi - Thanks Lorenz!

Jeffparadox - Hey Jeff, great to hear from you again. Thanks for all of your comments and support since from the beginning. Hope you’ll like the finished scene.

Nemesix - Hey ZªRª! Thanks so much!

infoarq - Wow Tomas! That’s great to hear those nice comments. By the way thanks so much to your lovely Ester. I’m pleasured. That’s great to have her liking and I’m agree with you that some cases the best jury are the children! Hehe I would love to see her lovely painting on to that print!

handlebar - Thanks very much Steven!

Kei-Acedera - Thanks Kei! That’s a great pleasure to see you here and hear these nice comments from you. I can’t wait to see your hilarious piece finished too! [/color]


Wow, shading of that horsydog is amazing! Love those small cracks on his head!
I actually thought it was a unicorn :slight_smile:
Nice done!


musi - Hey Alexandra thank you so much!
Heheh yes it’s a little bit dog, a little bit unicorn! :wink:



let me present to Ester and her art…

She designed a new texture… hahahaha she said… Daddy i painted a lovely Jifaffe/horse…
(she love horse and all aorund she… have a lot of horses…)


Whee! How sweet can a monday beeee!?! :scream: :bounce:

I really enjoy your art (and your daughter’s :wink: ) - it’s very different and very interesting! They style and mood of your previous posted images is great, so I’m really looking forward for your final product! :slight_smile:

All the best! 8,5 days left! :slight_smile:


HE HE HE… She’s soooooo cute :love:What a great inspiration to have. :slight_smile:


infoarq - Hi Tomas! Thank you and your lovely daughter Ester!
Her painting is sooo cute. I’m so glad that she likes it that much
and please tell her that I’ll textured one of that character with
her style after the challenge.
She makes me smile on this busy Monday! Thanks!

Dutchman - Hi Gijs! Thanks for your nice comments.
By the way Ester is Tomas Aceytuno’s daughter
(not mine, I wish I would have a lovely one in the future).
Tomas Aceytuno’s challenge thread is:
Stranger Behavior - Say MOOOO!!
His style is unique so his daughter’s too.
Time goes by and I’m working hard with this and the others! Oh my!

MartinNielsen - Yes Martin, I’m agree with you, it will be my inspiration.


Here is the almost finished scene. May be one another model could be added if I could have enough time. Otherwise after the compositing phase the scene will be finished. It looks more yellow may be but I prefer that because of the magic dusts’ lights. I’m still working on so some points are still changeable.


This looks really magical Soner! you’ve done a great job putting this together… the image is a bit too yellow for my taste I guess, giving some other hues to some objects subtly, could make it richer I think, but since that’s what you’re going for i’ll shut up about that, and start seeing the piece as it is meant to be :smiley:

the bee’s feet look like they could use a subtle specular shine. Also, if you rigged your characters’ faces already, you could try playing with their eyebrows/eyelids to create more dynamic and varied expressions. one last thing is the shine on the clock keeps me from seeing its face clearly. I’d have a hard time making its face if I hadn’t seen your previous posts. As usual feel free to ignore these. but I thought I should point out what I see, since it’s the last week :open_mouth:

This will be an amazing piece, your future daughter will love it!

Waiting for the grand finale!