Strange Behavior (Illustration) Entry: Y.Soner Yurtseven


Y.Soner Yurtseven is entered in the “Strange Behavior Challenge” update: View Challenge Page

Latest Update: Final Image: “Priceless Friends”


character sketches.


Nice concepts and style

Hope to see someone of that cutyes in scene :slight_smile:


Hi everyone. Finally I’ ve decided to join the challenge even of my hard working period. Good luck and more fun to everyone.



Thanks. I hope to see all of them so I’ll try to work on all as much as possible.


Wonderful sketches. Look forward to seeing more.


love the characters they look so cute! and very nice style!:slight_smile:


Beautiful character designs, looking forward to this thread, wonderful.

Steve 8)


Hey ashiataka,

Liking the look of your initial sketches, looking forward to seeing more :smiley:

Good luck :thumbsup:


Hey Soner, great sketches buddy, best of luck with the challenge…


good lord! :eek: how on earth do u manage to make ur characters so cute and expressive and stylisitic … and again … sooooooooooooooooooooooooo CUTE!! :cry: :love: :cry:
im so in love with all of em! :love: :scream: :applause:
wishing u the very best of luck for the challenge! :thumbsup:


hey pal they are so cute and fantastic. I hope youll be succesful as usual.


ekah, AxelAlonso, handlebar, SteveTsang, Jeffparadox, nwiz25, Tasimasu,
thanks to you all for the support and comments. I’m working on the modeling of the characters.
I’ll submit some of them soon.


So glad to see youve entered-cant wait to see where you take this. Good luck!


Thank you so much Selina, it’s good to see you too. I’ve looked at your thread and I’ll be looking forward where you’ll take it. Good luck and fun.


In addition to the sketch, the wings are added on the polygon model of the creature.


Oh! thats is wonderful :slight_smile:
Wonderful 3D execution. you give 3 dimension to your concept in the perfect way. :slight_smile:



Almost finished. I’m keep working on it for a while to add some details.


Thanks. It’s more fun also. I’m working on the other models, hope I could finish them soon. Thanks for comments.


Wow! Your modeling and concepts are great. Love those sketches.