Strange Behavior (Illustration) Entry: Walter Gonzalez


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My second contest here. Good luck to everybody entered.


My idea is fairly simple. A young boy is stalked by a shark wearing a pair of mechanical legs.


i really dig the idea, but i think that the composition could be a bit more interesting

good luck!


I made the base model in Maya. I added some of the details in Zbrush.


Here are the teeth of the shark. The actual teeth are just flattened out cones. The gums I modeled in Maya, and I added the detail in ZBrush.


Here is the shark with his teeth.



I like the stylised look of the shark!

It sort of brings back childhood memories of the “Jabber Jaws” cartoon… haha


I used ZBrush and Photoshop to paint the texture on the body and the gums.


I simply used the bend tool in Maya to get him into position for the legs.


The basic legs and power pack for the shark. I am going to add more details later, such as the wiring and such.


Here is the shark in his robotic legs.


I textured the robot. I wanted to make it look like it had been sitting at the bottom of the ocean for a long time before the shark found it.


I love inspiration. I thought it was kinda mean to have the shark be about to eat an innocent kid. My new idea is for the shark to stalk a “beach bully” who has kicked over a sandcastle of a young lady.


The big bad bully.


I painted him with Photoshop and ZBrush.


Its starting to come together now.


i like ur style.spl the shark expression is coming out very nice.
best of luck .

my concept


This is a classic!:smiley: Interesting idea maybe you could have the shadow of the shark and robot falling so that the bully would see the weird shadow on the ground, In front of him. He’d be thinking what in the hell is that? and when he turns around he’d get the fright of his life.


My stupid computer has been on the fritz. But I finally managed to finish the kid.