Strange Behavior (Illustration) Entry: Tiziano Baracchi


Thank you, gentlemen. I’m really honored and flattered by your appreciation.:love::blush:.


Well this is a great piece!! WHERE I’VE BEEN?

The soft lighting in the middle of the scene, where the two fairies are laying, is my favorite part, but all is so full of detail! seeing your posts I only wonder how close was your reference for poses and faces to the ones we see here. the lighting on the nerdy one is so detailed, and the arm position makes it harder to figure the right way to light it, but you did it great!!

That and the one about to be stoned!! Wow!!:thumbsup::thumbsup::thumbsup:

Man. If you didn’t mean those stone faces you should consider your file to be haunted!

Where are the foot prints?


WOW! Thank you! I’m very pleasantly surprised by the kind of feedback I’m getting on this Challenge. :love:

As to your question, poses are, in fact pretty close to references (quite a few of them are the result of multiple references, sort of ‘this pose with that variation and that other expression’, my wife still complains of a crick in the neck from posing for the neck and head of the laying down fairy ).
As for lighting, though, that’s not-referenced: when shooting (or looking for) references I went for neutral lighting and in the painting I put the the lights where and how I needed them.

The faces weren’t meant at all… but after OKMER pointed out the upside down footprint I started seeing those strange faces/heads everywhere, I wonder if I should worry…

Footprint, courtesy of OKMER


You used your wife as references? She must be pretty hot :eek: Great work Thaldir.


Well, actually I used bits and pieces of her as reference to adjust poses. :blush:
Actually she’s here having a good laugh right now: she’s a great support for my art and a volcano of ideas but definitely not ‘model hot’ (no more than myself, we aren’t a ‘Boris and Julie’ kind of couple…)


This really looks terrific! Great job with all fo the figures, teh lighting, the composition, the whole works! Looking at the big picture, there are so many more faeries in there than I’d realized, little ones hiding up in the back. And I am ever so impressed with your skin tones and lots of little hilights on the skin that makes them all look nice and shiny and really adds something, however subtlely. The lower-left crouching woman’s leg and foot is one of my favorite parts of the whole thing, but I also love the glows in the center faeries’ wings.

Because you have a month left and tons of time, I’ll point out some little things that catch my eye. None of it major nor demanding attention, just total nit-picks that if you agree with, you can fool around with if you want to. I know full well that this is all silly trivial stuff I’m pointing out… you just don’t have anything big left to crit, so maybe you’ll find these useful:

  • The fairy with her wings in the water on the lower right: The screen-right wing has a strong reflection, the screen left one seems to be lacking one and it feels mismatched.

  • On the lower left, the “bucket” of berries looks like it’s restign in a notch in the rock… or is it overlapping the rock? Or is there a notch in the rock that just happens to coincide with the side of the “bucket?” That one little notch alwasy confuses me.

  • Most of the leaves and plants have a wonderfully translucent nature to them - it really looks like light is filtering through the petals, specially in the yellow flower on the right and the 2nd green leaf from the left. The ones that aren’t working as well for me - the ones that seem less translucent and more just painted, are the green leaves in the upper elft and upper right. The latter especially could use a little more of that touch because it’s such a big part of the composition.

  • The sniper on the left: The end of her rifle is on a tangent with the green leaf, and the anatomy on her right elbow and upper arm isn’t entirely convincing.

That’s all I got. Nothing too major. Good lcuk, and again, congrats for basically finishing. Nice work!



You triggered a good laugh from me with that last post Thaldir. Women can be a puzzle sometimes. Always complaining about their looks, and when they finally hear the awful truth, they go crazy.


Thank you, Mike! It’s extremely appreciated :). Will fiddle with it a bit more and post an update when I’m done with your suggestions. :love:

Martin, LOL! Don’t misunderstand me, she isn’t ugly either, but she says that complaining about being average-looking is a waste of energy (besides we both have seen quite a few ‘before and after’ fashion and glamour photos. Photoshop in many cases is a great cosmetic surgeon).


Here it is, with the corrections Walrus pointed out, hope I got everything.

° Changed rock shape to get rid of the notch.

° Worked on main 2 lotus leaves to add translucency.

° Got rid of the underwater goldfish that wasn’t really noticeable but was messing up the reflection of the laying fairy’s wings.

° Checked arm position for sniper fairy and worked on arm anatomy.


heyyy bro! its been very long! :cry: i’m finally back :bounce: the last 2 months have been really rough for me … work pressure … little accident with my foot :cry:

now … me back … still hurting tho … will have to manage …

but good lord! this is looks fabulous! :eek: theres so much for the viewer! each and every nook and corner is a treat for the senses :stuck_out_tongue:

just a few ideas wen u on the finishing touches …

  • a soft glow … like wen ur in dream
  • ever tried depth of field?

i think thats it … nothin else … very very eager to see the final showdown! :bounce: this is exquisite! :love: :eek:

god bless ya bro! wishing u all the luck as always! :thumbsup:


Nevs?! HAPPY to see you back, Bro!:bounce::bounce::thumbsup:

we thought you might be busy, but… an accident? :eek::sad::cry: How are you now? Hope you’ll heal fast and with no consequences! Definitely looking forward to see your entry for the Challenge finished, but first and foremost take good care of yourself, Bro! Sending good thoughts your way.

Mike, I forgot in the previous post: I hope I got the rifle/leaf tangent you mentioned but I’m not sure. Would you mind giving it a look and, in case it’ still there mark it out for me? I seem to be a case of ‘tangent -blindness’ (better than color-blindness, but barely so ;)).


I have always liked faeries, but about two years ago, at the height of the ‘fairies craze’ when Victorian-like faes were literally everywhere, I started thinking about painting something with non-conventional fairies giving some sort of lesson to classic, Victorian ones.

Being rather busy with other projects, nothing came out of it, until I heard the theme for this Challenge.
A sort of battle with grass, twigs and enchanted fruits and seed-pods, with ‘commando’ fairies confronting normal looking ones sounded a good fit for the topic.
Moreover, I have always admired Todd Lockwood’s incredible mass scenes and wanted to try my hand at building a painting with a lot of characters interacting in a meaningful and clear way.

The community has been an incredible support and a great sounding board in helping me decide what worked and what didn’t, often suggesting elements I’d otherwise never thought of.
Thank you, I hope you enjoyed the journey as much as I did.


Bravo! This is a beautiful piece of artwork that works on many levels. It’s great that you were able to produce this on top of your already-big workload.

The figures are beautifully drawn, there’s a great sense of fun in this scene and your use of colour is superb. The little details, like the tattoo and shell hat add a lot of value too.

Congratulations to you buddy, and the best of luck in the judging


Congratulations, Tiziano! Another great piece from you! I’m glad my notes were helpful - they all seem fixed to me (including the tangent.) I had no idea that was a goldfish inthe water down there… and even looking back at the previous version, I find it hard o amke out. Either way, I think it reads more clearly now. So everything’s all perfect and all of my quibbles are taken care of… I couldn’t be happier (well, yes I could, I could be done with my own piece, that would make me happy indeed! :slight_smile: )
Anyhow, great work!



yipeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee!! :scream::bounce::applause: you’ve reached the finishing line bro! CONGRATULATIONS are in order Tiz! :buttrock: this one surely takes the cake! very well executed … beautiful … sexy … diverse characters! each one playing their role! i really love the lighting … mood and best of all … the situation!
god bless you bro!:love: i wish you good luck! :thumbsup: cheeeeeeeeers! :beer:


Congrats! :thumbsup: A fiiiiiine piece you ended up with.


Mark: thank you! :blush: . You’ve been unflagging in your support, help and praise and that’s appreciated more than I can say.
And best of luck for your ‘space hippy of crazy detail’ :bounce: ! Updates coming?

Mike with all the things that compete for your time and attention nowadays, you still find the time to offer serious constructive criticism and to work on a stunning entry of yours…I wonder how you manage to do it all…Thank you for everything! I’ll be there cheering when you cross the finishing line.

Neville real life has kept you away from the Challenge for quite a lot, and that had made your zest and enthusiastic encouragement even more precious. You have been missed and often though of, Nevs. wish you prompt and full healing and a lot of satisfaction with your art. Looking forward to the finished image!

MartinNielsen Thank you, for your presence in my thread, the support and the laughs, best of luck for the judging!(I still hope that pig is going to make it somehow…).

FYI: my entry is now posted on CG Talks 2d gallery in bigger size (I went for the maximum allowed: 1600 px) and with a few details…


Congrats man! I like this image :thumbsup:

Best wishes…


Congrats with final image Tiziano. :thumbsup:

Very beautiful work and a unique point of view on faeries. :slight_smile:

Goodluck with voting.


Bravo! Beautiful image, nice colours :thumbsup: