Strange Behavior (Illustration) Entry: Tiziano Baracchi


Thanks Ferx! The next update won’t be long in coming. :slight_smile:

Forgive the question: do you mean that you would like her hair to be shining or that you think they are a bit too shiny now?


Hey Tiziano, I mean that i would like her hair a bit shiny :smiley: I think if you make the hair a bit shiny on the most near fairy (my loved scout fairy :slight_smile: ) you have a more range to paint the hair and shiny hair on the other fairys ( The hair is a one of the most sensual elements of the women, for sure :smiley: ) , only a comment my friend :slight_smile:


Beautiful work. I think Fernando makes a good point about the hair - a hint more shine on it would look delightfully sensual.

It’s an amazing treat to watch your work progress


I hear and obey, gentlemen. Thanks for the suggestion! :slight_smile:

Very likely a new update will be posted later today.


And here comes my update, Scout’s hair are shinier :slight_smile: the standing Gladiator got some camo on and a new attire, the laying Gladiator got bilberry juice on, instead,also been working on the Contenders and Nerdy.
A question for you: how many bilberries are bobbing around or splattered on the rocks ? :wink:


Fantastic work! The details are amazing. I sure can’t guess how many of those berries are in the scene but they look excellent


Thanks Mark ! :blush:

This evening (well, at +1 GMT) I hope to post another update showing the center group finished: Nerdy & The Contenders (Oh, it’s not a pop band, btw :wink: )


Wow! It looks fabulous Tiziano! Great to see how you build up your piece!
I’m patiently awaiting the update on Nerdy and the Contenders.


… ta-ta dum!


… hum hum …


… ehrm …


Nah, I’m not! Show us! :twisted:


Hi, RicoD! :slight_smile: Great to see you!
And since it’s not polite to keep people waiting… (drum roll)

Here come Nerdy and the Contenders!
… OK, there are a few more people as well, including someone that wasn’t there before.

I could swear this piece is becoming something of a ‘Where’s Waldo?’ thing, and now I find faces in the rocks everywhere (Thanks, OKMER :wink: ) and I didn’t put them in there on purpose…

Better not to mess with faeries, I tell you.


Very good progress I see… now I want to see the finished work !


Hey Tiziano,

It looks like you are close to the final :scream:!
And if I haven’t mentioned it before… I JUST LOVE IT! :love::love::love:
Those poses are so natural, and the colours!

Sorry for not heaving any critique… My posts are not of much help… I just like your work and want to express it :slight_smile:


Yes. It looks like you’re close to completion. :wip: A fine piece of art :applause:

I still wonder though, why fairies are so popular on these boards?


@ Musi : Thanks, it is very appreciated, Sasha :slight_smile: ! Natural & interesting poses with the right combo of lights and colors are one of my primiry objectives for this illustration… They should tell a story in a frame by a title that could be: “A gust of wind just before the full storm arrival”. It’s just the first skirmish, the rest will be told by the spectator immagination :wink: .

@ MartinNielsen : Glad you like it :slight_smile: ! And about fairies popularity… yes, I’m wondering why too… faires everywhere wrecking havoc with their cute eyes, victorian dresses and magic dust ! Maybe we need something, or SOMEONE, to teach them a lesson or two… maybe a “COMMANDO” will do. :twisted:

BTW yes, I am close to the final: I’m planning to add some more detail on the left side of the image and before the end of this week I shall post it complete.


Hey Tiziano, thats great !! I love all the elements used on your image (and the faces and feets on the rocks are a great “random” detail :smiley: , seriously. i love all the different types of wings for your fairies. that is a really great touch!!) The berry juice on the laying gladiators looks superb mate!! great. The Nerdy is cool (and of course, she received most of the berries :slight_smile: ). And the atmosphere and lighting, put a magical and sensual note to all composition, really nice!! . I can only say: awesome work my friend!! (and i love the scout fairy!! :smiley: ) Cheers ! :beer:


Ooops, Arianna, sorry, your comment flew under my radar. Thank you so much for your appreciation, the final will come soon:-)

Ferx, thanks, mate! Really really happy you like it, believe it or not, faces and footprint weren’t planned at all… :slight_smile:

Tonight or tomorrow, after a few unifying touches I’ll post the whole, if after a few days there are no suggestion for touch-ups I’ll upload that as final, otherwise corrections will be made.
Thanks all for your great feedback!


Unfortunately I wasn’t regular in this thread, but I must say that this is really great piece of art.

Characters very beautifull.

It would be great to see the whole picture.


Demitsuri, thank you so much! I’m always happy to see known faces , no matter how long since the last visit. :slight_smile:

And here comes the full painting. In my opinion this could be the final, but would love your opinions on the matter, folks: anything I missed 'cause I’m not really seeing it anymore? Thanks for looking!


It’s amazing. Beautiful work. I can’t suggest anything


Hey Thaldir Tiziano
Wonderful piece you did and also I like a lot your sketck Good luck


Hey Tiziano, thats is a really awesome painting, I love it!! and I enjoy exploring all the illustration, really great mate!! Like I say before, is a totally visual pleasure my friend!! Cheers! :beer:
(I need to work really hard… -for two or three years or more - … to challenge your painting… :eek: hahahahhaha :smiley: )