Strange Behavior (Illustration) Entry: Tiziano Baracchi


great details Tiziano… there are only three things that seem strange and they are both details… the ankle of the fairy thats strepping on the one on the ground is looking too sharp… like a dislocated bone… the second one is the hand of the one near the purse… looks like its buried because it blends too much with the bg and finally, third, you might want to bend the wing of the one that is putting all of her weight on them… even bones would bend at a stance like that (exagerating a bit)… I normally wouldn’t even bother with these but because all of your work is of such high quality, you cant let these little stuff ruin it for you…

have fun,


nice characters! they are all lifelike, great work!


Except for the coments I agree with of Mark and Icedeyes,I repeat…You rock!!!hehe…Cheers!Keep coming the great work Tiziano!


My, what a rain of comments guys, thank you! :slight_smile:

UldFerr, I’m really happy it works better for you, now, thanks again for pinpointing the earlier problem. :slight_smile:

Mark, thanks a lot! Never going to ignore your comments, are you joking, man? In fact I’m planning to add a little more iridescence and/or details to the wings, but it will be done in the very last passage. :slight_smile:

Icedeyes, bless your keen eyes, mate! Got (and hopefully corrected) the bag/hand and ankle things, as for the wings, though, she isn’t really putting weight on them, they’re half in the water…her weight is on her arms, the rock she’s on ends just a tad from where her elbow is, maybe that’s not as easy to see as it is supposed to be? :slight_smile:

Thank you, Alon, such enthusiasm from you it’s great praise. :love:

OKMER Thanks, mate! :love: Working on a commissioned portrait right now, so I guess it will be a few days before the next update, bear with me, please. :slight_smile:


Sorry, multiple posts…


Again! Server hiccup?


Silly me! I declared the fixes and forgot to post them…

Here they are.


Just amazing Tiziano!!!Do you use models or photoref’s?Me just being curious.
(Yes, I got 4 girls laying around my desk I hear you say,haha!!!Nice,nice!!!)
My 2 cents would be,maybe bring in a bit more bleuish/dark desaturated green into the water to balance a bit more the overall bleu like the bleu grey and green tones in the rock’s and the fairy’s suite(the one laying on the ground with her wing’s in the water).
I’ll also push a bit further the reflection on the water,almost mirrorlike.

THe composition really rocks!I see a upside down foot on the rocks, just between the legs of the foregoround fairy!!!haha…
Anyway just amazing!
Later buddy!:beer:

…and one more then…


Exactly! :wink: LOL! I wish I had this sort of models at my beck and call… I used , I think, something like 50 different references.
Rocks and pond come from our Chinese-style garden, and most of the girls are what a collegue calls ‘Franken-beauties’: I went like ‘Let’s use this pose, but with that expression’ and then had my long-suffering wife posing to see what happened if the head was turned at a different angle or the arms where in a different position.

Thanks for the enthusiastic compliments. :love: the water is far from finished yet, and I’ll definitely keep in mind your suggestions for the next step(s).

…I didn’t really get the ‘foot’ thing (must work on my English, I know…) care to explain to a ‘linguistically-challenged’ collegue? :wink: :slight_smile:


Hey Tiziano, that fairys have a great expressions , very sexy !! cool !! :thumbsup: and love the pose and the eyes of the foremost fairy, great work mate! :beer:


This foot…:scream::twisted::applause:

Ok I’m out :smiley:


Ferx, gracias, mate! You definitely are a great support and encouragment for me in this challenge. :slight_smile:

OKMER, man! I hadn’t seen it at all, until you pointed it out to me. It definitely wasn’t intentional, but it will stay, and make viewers wonder ;).
Thanks a lot for eveything, pal! :slight_smile:


Great scene & athmospere ! Keep up the good work ! Bravo ! :thumbsup:


the faeries are amazing!
goodluck with the competition!

really want to see the finished product
would then like to save a copy on my own computer


Tiziano, wonderful progress!

Like very much how you lighted the scene: darker foreground elements and lighter deeper into perspective. Like the frame, that’s inviting into the picture!
Well, and the details! :love:


Grazie, Arianna! I’ll try to do my best :love:

Koager, thank you! feel free to right-click for personal use, I’m honored. :slight_smile:
Musi, thank you so much! :love:as soon as I’ve finished a commission I’m working on (this week-end or early next week) I’ll concentrate on this work and finish it.


Hallo! :slight_smile:

I’m back and ready for the final stretch of the Challenge.
If by any chance you’re curious to know what I’ve been working on, my latest commission has just been posted in the 2D gallery… :slight_smile:
Eothreth, rider of Rohan


Finally, after completing the ‘advanced color pass’ in the far back (including the half-hidden faeries and the frog) here comes the full view.
You’ll notice (at least I hope you’ll do) a few changes from the last one, in poses and expression, I think it is better this way, and most of it is due to your suggestions and constructive criticism, Thank you!

And now onward to the final refining and equipping…


And now, ladies and gentlemen allow me to introduce…

…The first of my finished faeries: Scout. Hope you like. :slight_smile:


Hey Tiziano, she is… beautiful my friend!! I love her!! :love: She has a really sensual mouth and eyes!! and the butterfly tattoo is cool mate!! :thumbsup: (Perhaps a bit shiny hair, but is only a personal opinion :smiley: … mmmm but she is a scout… :slight_smile: ) Great work like always !! Cheers :beer: