Strange Behavior (Illustration) Entry: Tiziano Baracchi


Mark, thank you very much, your constant encouragement means a lot, as does your constantly taking the time to comment, no matter how busy . :slight_smile:

Remko! How’s Captain Panda doing? :wink: thanks for your ever helpful comments. :slight_smile: I’ll double check that arm, also I think I see what bothers you in the shadow: it may be just a bit too dark, so that the muscle looks like it’s going in too deep, will correct, captain, sir! :wink:


Refining is progressing. I’ve worked on Commander and Sniper (Scout has been touched up too, but she’ll be seen in the revised version in the next detail, with Gladiators)
All the fairies accessories haven’t been forgotten, but will be added in the very final passage.


every single one of the elements blends so nicelly together… this is trully marvellous… my only remark would be that the pose of the ducking fairy in your last post is a little too extreme (like she heard a very loud noise that startled her and turned) but it could work just fine…

Have fun,


Beautiful work, Tiziano! I’m especially drawn to the hand and feet of the crouching girl. The shape is just gorgeous, as are the hilights that accentuate them. Is her lower leg a bit shorter than it should be…? Also, I find that big area of white just behind the sniper’s rifle a bit distracting, and it makes the forms a little confusing because it pops into the foreground so easily.
But anyhow, lovely work so far, great going!


George, thank you! The girl is keeping an eye on the 'enemies and meanwhile groping blindly for some bilberry ammo, it will definitely be clearer when accessories are added in (at least I hope so :wink: ). It’s very reassuring to hear that the elements fit together, I think this is the craziest, busiest painting I did to date and sometimes I worry a bit.

Mike, thanks! You’re insightful as ever. You’re right, that very light leaf is distracting, it was supposed to be a lotus leaf in the background, but it will definitely go, BTW I wasn’t seeing it anymore…
Checked both legs and lightened the area a tiny bit, to make shapes of the lower leg a bit more perceivable, hopefully that will fix the problem.

I think I’ll have another partial update tonight, LOVE the holidays, lots of time to paint in :).


Couldn’t post yesterday, after all, but here come the two Gladiators, as well as a slightly modified Scout, hope you’ll find them to your taste. :slight_smile:


Hey Tiziano, wow!! great paintings!!, I love your fairys! :smiley: All of your updates are a great surprise and a visual pleasure :thumbsup: and is a great touch the different types of wings in each one of them, nice!! ( I think a snail helmet like roman centurion helmet can be nice, only a comment) Great work man!! :applause:


Thank you, Fernando! :love: Will have to play a bit with that ‘centurion snail helmet’ idea, maybe not for this piece, but it sounds really intriguing. :slight_smile:


they are to my taste alright…:thumbsup: they look like the belong in the universe you created… keep it up…


Thank you, George! :love: Next update will not be long in coming.


lovely painting!



Thanks, Gord! :slight_smile:


And here comes the next piece of the puzzle, these three, the center of the image, are family favorites, hope I’m doing them justice…

Please, as usual, feel absolutely free to point out anything that might look off to you.


uuhh huuu thats great Tiziano!! I like the frog detail, is a clever reference for the size of the beautiful fairys :thumbsup: and again I love the different types of wings! nice mate!! :beer:


Great work man. I love the complexity of your lights. Cool!!!
Just one thing, the three characters on our right of the canvas, have a completely different attitude from the others on the left. There is something sensual, maybe erotic about them that, in my opinion, doesn’t connect very well with the belligerent ones. It’s like they are in a different scene. Do you know what I mean? Maybe they are a little too relaxed and/or languid for a battle field.
I hope my comments are pertinent and somehow useful.
Good luck and have fun.


Thanks a lot, Ferx, and you got me with the frog, mate! :wink:

Uldferr, thanks a lot both for your appreciation and your costructive comment. :slight_smile: I see what you mean, IMO it depends mostly from the laying down fairy, so I reworked her head/face to change her expression and the direction of her gaze, the other fairy will have a rope, so I read her smirk as a ‘got you’ expression.


Ciao Tiziano. E’ bello vedere italiani in questa gara. Stai facendo davvero un ottimo lavoro.


Ciao, Giuseppe, grazie! :blush:

Best of luck to you! I’ve seen your WIP, I wonder who (or what) the strange trainer will be…:slight_smile:

In bocca al lupo! Ho visto il tuo WIP e mi chiedo proprio chi (o cosa) sarà lo strano allenatore …


Hello Tiziano,
I am glad that my comment was helpful, somehow.
I think your update works better. See you.


Your illustration is coming along extremely well. The details are fantastic. I can’t offer any crits. Maybe an idea though: butterfly wings have reflective iridescent scales on them and dragonfly wings have a cell-like pattern between a network of ‘veins’. So maybe between those options you can might find some ideas for wing textures/highlights that could be useful. I suppose some reflective highlights on the wings could look nice. But other than those ideas (which you should feel free to ignore) then let me say, “Wow!” and “Bravo!” and “Keep up the brilliant work”

EDIT: I’ve just noticed that you’ve already got some really cool dragonfly-wing-type details in there, so you’re way ahead of me! Maybe the dragonfly-type wings could be a little more transparent. Or maybe not! You’re going great :thumbsup: